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  1. Actually all this talk of stern lines got me thinking - Motuihe (West Bay?) Its so bloody rolly, I think its because boats don't seem to sit with the waves. I wonder if a stern line there would help that.
  2. Thanks for all the tips. It sounds like in many cases you don't need to have the thing rigged ready to drop at a moments notice. I think it might be good peace of mind in a blow as a backup if your primary let go for any reason. Anyone got one of those collapsible ones?
  3. This is on the transom. As you can see the neck sits proud of the deck - ordinarily this would be a pain, but because of the placement of it, it will never cause a trip hazard. I felt that the proud neck also offers some protection against water ingress - those flush fillers are fine - but you are relying on the rubber ring in the cap to stop water getting in. Anyway when I took this one off - there was no gasket (this was a late 80s design and the filler had probably never been off. Looks like silicone *might* have been what was used and to be fair it had lasted well with no signs
  4. Long story (wont bore you with the details) but I need to rebed the new fuel filler (Diesel). Butyl seems to be a favourite - except for fuel fillers (because it breaks down the butyl when spilt). Havent foumnd a clear answer on whats best for a fuel filler - Sika or Silicone seem to be an option.....anyone done this before? Thanks
  5. We are looking to go offshore to Fiji, and one of the things on the checklist is the spare anchor, which we already have but its a horrible thing - I think the style is called fishermans anchor. Our primary anchor is a Delta, and we have so much chain I have never had to use the warp. We have dual rollers. I can think of a few situations where the spare would be needed, some in a hurry - some not so much. What are the usual scenarios where you would use the spare anchor and which of these situations would you have it in storage/dissembled vs loaded on the second roller ready to go
  6. bigal.nz

    New Genoa

    We are going with BG with a Tri Radial Warp cloth from Contender. Thanks for all the feedback - we were keen to support local, but did talk to an overseas loft during research. There was actually a lot of good local options.
  7. bigal.nz

    New Genoa

    Yes I have heard good things about them too. A little worried about getting stuff out of SL at the moment.
  8. bigal.nz

    New Genoa

    Yeah I have seen that product, the info I got was holds its shape longer, but doesnt last as long as dacron. (which lasts longer but looses shape faster)
  9. bigal.nz

    New Genoa

    I couldnt even see there phone number on the website.
  10. bigal.nz

    New Genoa

    The material is still there - the UV strip is falling off. I can send photos.
  11. bigal.nz

    New Genoa

    Time for a new genoa. Anyone care to recommend a place to get one? She is a 12 ton (heavy) 40 footer. We don't race, very much cruisers with some off shore. More than likely just need something in Dacron, but so many options. I don't want the gold plated solution, nor the cheapest, just good middle of the road product from a reputable supplier. Looks like these days you can do it online from an overseas loft, which I am not against either. Thanks
  12. Miktrotik is also quite good - I have installed a lot of both https://www.gowifi.co.nz/mikrotik/rb912r-2nd-ltm_r11e-lte.html
  13. I am not familiar with that unit - but my experience with other NetCom gear has not been great and there support was terrible. In boating units it would be very relatively cheap to buy : https://www.gowifi.co.nz/teltonika/rut360.html Teltonika is a great brand and the support from GoWireless is unparalleled. I guess not the answer you want - but it might be the easiest fix.
  14. Good job getting the MMSI - its was on my todo list to get that (Raymarine doesn't seem to make it easily accessible for Safety Messages). I will report it to RSM see what they can find out - starting to suspect it might be prank. Even the pattern of numbers in the MMSI seem a bit too "made up"
  15. HMB Staff are pretty good. I dont know anything about czone but am pretty good with internet/networking - whats the issue?
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