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  1. bigal.nz

    Ancor Wire

    Has anyone brought Ancor wire in NZ? I see marine deals sell it but with a long lead time - so I presume the import to order. ANywhere else I can get it?
  2. bigal.nz


    We recently sailed to Fiji and I took the chance to generate a set of polars for our boat using the OCPN plugin. Pretty neat I thought until it dawned on me that these polars are probably junk - every time we surfed down a wave it recorded the peak speed as the value for that wind angle. Has anyone else experimented with this plugin - is it only to be used on flat water or am I missing something?
  3. Hi - 12m berth available at Halfmoon Bay almost immediately. Reasonable offers accepted. Probably available for 5-6 months.
  4. bigal.nz


    Ended up West Bay. Fine here. Sail to Oneroa in AM for what ever the kids wanted there. @aliababa I agree. I often check wind and swell for Oneroa in particular.
  5. bigal.nz


    I did think of that but committed to Nortern /Western coves now.
  6. bigal.nz


    Or maybe Owhanake bay.... But that I have heard can be rolly too.
  7. bigal.nz


    I'm a bit cautious of Oneroa is any but South quarters. Tonight kids want Oneroa....but wind is slightly N of E for a time. Thoughts? (I was picking West Bay).
  8. Is there much variance in the brand of antenna? I have South Pacific just down the road.
  9. Thanks IT. Replacing the coax is easy. Hope thats all it is. LOL @ 46mi intentions.
  10. What sort of typical range should I expect from the VHF/AIS. I get there are some variables in this, but today for example I was only intermittently picking up the ferry on AIS when they were 2.8NM away with some terrain in the way.... see picture. AIS and VHF share an antenna with the appropriate splitter. (XB8000 and a Standard Horizon VHF - Furuno antenna (looks old))
  11. bigal.nz

    Iridium Go

    Thanks IT. I may well take you up on that kind offer - not departing until next year. Would you recommend that external antenna? They aren't all that pricey and do seem to be recommended.
  12. bigal.nz

    Iridium Go

    We are looking at the Island next year. We have Pactor III and if I can get my HAM license soonish, will use Vara as well. I have used the Pactor a few times in the marina to do a smoke test to the Australian station, but I am just not comfortable relying entirely on the Pactor, so we are also looking at the Go. The Go seems a expensive backup, so I am wondering if anyone here has one they would be happy to rent out? We would still buy an external antenna. Cheers Al
  13. If you need to rig your trisail does anyone here advocate dropping the boom (but leaving one end attached to mast) and lashing it to the deck?
  14. Anyone want to sell there Iridium go yet? Looking to go offshore next year but Starlink will still be too far away
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