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  1. Ahh. Good to know. Sometimes we are around park point or near matiatia where there seems to be reasonable currents. We certainly drift quickly past the fizz boats with sea anchors out.
  2. Interesting about not needing the sea anchor. Will give it a go and the heave to method!
  3. I have been meaning to give soft baiting/jigging a bit of a go since when we do fish I am really sick of the stink, mess and cost of bait. Everybody I have spoken to says its important to have a sea anchor so that your drifting at the right speed etc. We are 40ft/13ton - and the sea anchors at Burnsco aren't rated for yachts that big, and I don't quite want to go full nuclear on this problem and get a coppins custom one. Anyone have any ideas on what to do here? AG
  4. I have been sharpening my pitch fork reading this thread
  5. Well said. The dangers are obvious.
  6. Proof? Thats easy, Section 25 Evidence Act - opinion evidence is admissible from experts. The court would readily accept evidence from a harbour master who would state there qualifications and experience then give evidence on a speed and distance estimate based on the video. Police can also prosecute speeding offences this way but it is rare these days. So the video and some S25 evidence would cover it nicely.
  7. I had a look when out for my morning coffee since I walk past the hardstand at HMB. The hull is remarkably intact. I was very surprised at just how good it was. As pointed out props are stuffed and struts pushed up into hull.
  8. Hi harrytom - yes I am ok with the direction etc. I was more interested in the colors not conforming to what MNZ say they should be, and how easy it would be to confuse this with a lateral mark?
  9. I noticed the other day that the port marker poles in the Tamaki River are a red square shape on top of the pole, but the pole is painted white. These poles are remarkably similar to the safe water mark of St Heliers, which is also a white pole with a small red circle above it. Shouldn't the safe water marker be vertical red and white striped? It seems like it would be easily to mistake the safe water marker for a port marker. Why are the lateral marker poles painted white and not all red as they show as all red on the MNZ website.
  10. bigal.nz


    Hi lateral It's for the header tank to manifold. Carries the coolant. I have a few places that might be open Tuesday because of the mondayized holiday, but was thinking of doing the job tomorrow.
  11. bigal.nz


    Anyone know where I can get clear 8mm hose renforced at the weekend? I only need about 1m. Burnsco and Smart don't stick or sold out.
  12. "After 3 fines they soon learn" - I find it hard to believe that any got fined more than once..... A request to Auckland harbor master reveals: 2019 - 11 fines issued in Tamaki River for speed > 5 knots (less than 1 per month) 2019 - 22 fines in Waitemata restricted speed zone 2019 - 0 fines for speed > 5 knots within 50m of another boat I would prefer to see much more enforcement of the speed limits. 33 tickets for the whole year is pretty abysmal.
  13. I wonder how many does they have issued. I can feel a OIA request coming on.
  14. Yeah that is good, but after the fact if they are not around they didn't seem to be interested in following up when I rang. Didn't even want the video sent through. Perhaps it depends you get.
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