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  1. You can't regulate against every possible scenario. It becomes whack a mole.
  2. New gauges installed. So happy not to have to look at the old birds nest that used to be there.
  3. Thanks guys. I looked at the Klein ones, but since have order ex USA a Wirefy set with 5 dyes incl. heat shrink. Won't be here till Monday, but not going out this weekend anyway. I found trying to use the Nylon dye didn't always work (could pull wire through) and damaged heat shrink.
  4. I need to crimp about 50 heat shrink terminals, and I have since found out that the dye for Heat Shrink is not the same as nylon. Does anyone out East Auckland have one they could hire out for the day?
  5. bigal.nz

    AIS unit

    XB8000 - here. Great unit.
  6. ....."because the Marine Reserves we have are not large enough......" Which is also what was said on page 2 of this thread - the MRs need to be of a certain size to avoid the edge effect (people fishing on the edge). How many more reports does the government need saying the same thing? At least the Rahui's just get on with it - no beauacracy.
  7. There is a pattern to it yes. Appearing on one particular channel of the sonar.
  8. Thanks - but I don't think that is what is going to help. I am trying to isolate where a noisy signal is coming from - its do with the alternator regulator and I think its either EMI or noisy 12v output from the switch mode side of the regulator.
  9. This might be a long shot - but does anyone have a Balmar MC-614 regulator I could borrow for a day? I am trying to find out why my MC-614 is generating noise on my sonar, and want to rule out a faulty unit.
  10. Actually worth noting that I am talking about North Cape - not Cape Reinga which looks to be considerably worse. NIWA were happy to help (but it doesn't cover North Cape)
  11. Guess best to give it a wide berth. 6 knots of current must be when the ocean currents and the tidal stream all come together. Navionics shows the tidal stream never staying in the same direction for long, but on average only peaking at 2-2.5 knots.
  12. Yeah that's awesome - found that in the app now too. Thank you, 2.8 Knots seems to be the highest current value I could see predicted in the next few days.
  13. Where do you find tide stream data for north cape - or at least a way to work out which way the current is flowing at a given date and time? Thanks Al
  14. Spin Lock 3 point tether - Burnsco and others = $179 you can get it from Monkeys Fist website in Australia for $90. Thats almost 50% cheaper. Even with conversion and shipping its still much cheaper.
  15. Thanks. What was there is definitely no longer allowed (it was sleeved stainless).
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