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  1. Rewired my Actisense EMU-1 with ABYC compliant colors :-0 Now I have all my engine and tank data on N2k
  2. I began to run out of USB ports for all the things conencted to the Pi, the cables I needed to connect the Pi to my various Victron products are $60 each (ouch) whereas with the CerboGx I still need a cable but a much cheaper one. The Cerbo GX also has more ports for integrating with chart plotters and the like. By the time I worked out what I had spent on waterproof enclosures, various accessories, I worked out that the CerboGx (which is cheap for what you get) would have been not much financial difference in it.
  3. I wonder if you could just buy a USB to N2K gateway (like NGT-1) to get commands to the Autopilot (and if you have N2K that would give you depth and various other things). I have a Pi on my boat running Victron Venus OS for power monitoring, but I am going to buy the real thing one of these days.
  4. Whats the current situation - will sea time count as MIQ time for the full 14 days?
  5. Elon has signaled he wants starlink to be mobile. VOIP with current specs should work easy.
  6. It turned out the unit was fault. BEP replaced and it works with SingleViu, Thanks.
  7. Has anyone here had any experience programming a BEP TS1 tank sender? I didnt find the software particularly intuitive and want to check I got this right: I modelled the (non linear) tank in 3DS max and put cut lines at 20%, 40%, 60% 80% volumes and calculated the height H as measured from the top of the tank. Using the TS1 software linearization menu entered those H values and hit calculate. This gave me the 31,56,77 and 89. What unit is the 31,56,77,89 in? Is that Ohms on the 10-180 Ohm scale? The next issue was that I could not get my new VDO SingleViu fluid level gauge
  8. You can't regulate against every possible scenario. It becomes whack a mole.
  9. New gauges installed. So happy not to have to look at the old birds nest that used to be there.
  10. Thanks guys. I looked at the Klein ones, but since have order ex USA a Wirefy set with 5 dyes incl. heat shrink. Won't be here till Monday, but not going out this weekend anyway. I found trying to use the Nylon dye didn't always work (could pull wire through) and damaged heat shrink.
  11. I need to crimp about 50 heat shrink terminals, and I have since found out that the dye for Heat Shrink is not the same as nylon. Does anyone out East Auckland have one they could hire out for the day?
  12. bigal.nz

    AIS unit

    XB8000 - here. Great unit.
  13. ....."because the Marine Reserves we have are not large enough......" Which is also what was said on page 2 of this thread - the MRs need to be of a certain size to avoid the edge effect (people fishing on the edge). How many more reports does the government need saying the same thing? At least the Rahui's just get on with it - no beauacracy.
  14. There is a pattern to it yes. Appearing on one particular channel of the sonar.
  15. Thanks - but I don't think that is what is going to help. I am trying to isolate where a noisy signal is coming from - its do with the alternator regulator and I think its either EMI or noisy 12v output from the switch mode side of the regulator.
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