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  1. Miktrotik is also quite good - I have installed a lot of both https://www.gowifi.co.nz/mikrotik/rb912r-2nd-ltm_r11e-lte.html
  2. I am not familiar with that unit - but my experience with other NetCom gear has not been great and there support was terrible. In boating units it would be very relatively cheap to buy : https://www.gowifi.co.nz/teltonika/rut360.html Teltonika is a great brand and the support from GoWireless is unparalleled. I guess not the answer you want - but it might be the easiest fix.
  3. Good job getting the MMSI - its was on my todo list to get that (Raymarine doesn't seem to make it easily accessible for Safety Messages). I will report it to RSM see what they can find out - starting to suspect it might be prank. Even the pattern of numbers in the MMSI seem a bit too "made up"
  4. HMB Staff are pretty good. I dont know anything about czone but am pretty good with internet/networking - whats the issue?
  5. Spoke to the Harbour Master - they are not broadcasting these messages. I think its something to do with Vesper or maybe Navionics chart cards?
  6. I too get it mainly at Motuihe but also off the back of Waiheke. Other people have reported it on B&G gear with Vesper. I using Navionics for my charts. Havent seen anything in the AIS standard which would allow conditional display of messages, i.e. if boat is in position X and speed is grater than Y then alert. Would love to know MMSI of who is sending it - maybe a program where you can log AIS traffic for debugging?
  7. PS: I was watching the HDOP during one of these position lost messages - the HDOP never changed from 1.42 - which is pretty acceptable horozontal fix quality.
  8. I have ordered a new GPS antenna. In the meantime I have checked quality of the GPS fix on my chart plotter against Vesper GPS. Chartplotter gets about 12 satellites with differential fix. Vesper gets about 7-8 - is that the db down the left (y) axis? Does anyone else have a Vesper and can send me a screen shot of the normal fix quality? Cheers
  9. That makes sense. I presume it's probably the AIS (Vesper) GPS? It's very intermittent, like once every 4 hours, so may need to do a NMEA recording to see what's happening. Atenna is on radar arch and been good for ages.
  10. We keep getting this message at seemingly random times - sometimes at anchor, sometimes underway. Its getting quite annoying to say the least. Our system is a Vesper XB000 and the screenshot is the message on a Raymarine Axiom MFD. Anyone know why we are getting it and how to stop it? I emailed Vesper and they want to know the light sequence on the XB8000 LEDs so I will have to wait for the message to appear again before I go back to them. "The position not available" aspect of it makes me wonder if the GPS fix is lost - but even so I shouldn't be spammed with these messages?
  11. Chartplotter aside - as a cruiser I find the sailing functions do what I want. There is VMG, lay lines, and some racing functions to do with start timers etc. Take a look in Raymarnie Lighthouse 3 manual online to see the latest feature set. I have two Axioms on my boat and happy with them.
  12. Rewired my Actisense EMU-1 with ABYC compliant colors :-0 Now I have all my engine and tank data on N2k
  13. I began to run out of USB ports for all the things conencted to the Pi, the cables I needed to connect the Pi to my various Victron products are $60 each (ouch) whereas with the CerboGx I still need a cable but a much cheaper one. The Cerbo GX also has more ports for integrating with chart plotters and the like. By the time I worked out what I had spent on waterproof enclosures, various accessories, I worked out that the CerboGx (which is cheap for what you get) would have been not much financial difference in it.
  14. I wonder if you could just buy a USB to N2K gateway (like NGT-1) to get commands to the Autopilot (and if you have N2K that would give you depth and various other things). I have a Pi on my boat running Victron Venus OS for power monitoring, but I am going to buy the real thing one of these days.
  15. Whats the current situation - will sea time count as MIQ time for the full 14 days?
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