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  1. Actually worth noting that I am talking about North Cape - not Cape Reinga which looks to be considerably worse. NIWA were happy to help (but it doesn't cover North Cape)
  2. Start with places that sell bait in plastic. Didn't Bonito used to come in paper.
  3. Between all the documentaries and TV shows about pollution and the HG personally I have decided that its time to actually do something. We are all collectively responsible for the state of the Gulf. The pollution has been caused by everybody from fisho's (comm + rec), 2 stroke outboards, run off, diesel motors of sail boats, even land lubbers. I personally don't have the time for all the lobbying and politics required to get legislative change, but I have decided to pick up rubbish at each and every beach I go to, started working on restoration of some of the island projects, and endanger
  4. Guess best to give it a wide berth. 6 knots of current must be when the ocean currents and the tidal stream all come together. Navionics shows the tidal stream never staying in the same direction for long, but on average only peaking at 2-2.5 knots.
  5. Yeah that's awesome - found that in the app now too. Thank you, 2.8 Knots seems to be the highest current value I could see predicted in the next few days.
  6. Where do you find tide stream data for north cape - or at least a way to work out which way the current is flowing at a given date and time? Thanks Al
  7. Spin Lock 3 point tether - Burnsco and others = $179 you can get it from Monkeys Fist website in Australia for $90. Thats almost 50% cheaper. Even with conversion and shipping its still much cheaper.
  8. Thanks. What was there is definitely no longer allowed (it was sleeved stainless).
  9. Interesting - its what the PO had - but it was raised about an 1/2 inch off the floor of the wooden lattice that runs along the floor of the cockpit so you would never really stand on it.
  10. What is allowed for the jackline that runs along the bottom of the center cockpit when going offshore? Dynema or wire?
  11. Wasn't the conclusion of the doco to protect 30% of the worlds oceans? Wasn't there a post on here linking to research suggesting to protect 30% of the HG? Hmmmm
  12. If nothing else at least it's not in the ocean!
  13. Thanks for the link. That is the first formal document I have seen.
  14. Ahh good - the govt. is putting the nails in the coffin as well : https://www.stuff.co.nz/business/7442428/Scallop-quota-rise-sparks-fears?fbclid=IwAR28dv7dZnCCqF6hCDixJXMA8eKdFeZv2saaI0KdsIL58C6voBwg8CqHw2M
  15. Can you please post a copy of the draft regulation for us to read?
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