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  1. BTW, I've heard that this design may be slightly older than I thought, probably 2009 or 2010. I also heard that the older design is better than the newer one (which has the pod on the bow).
  2. I'll take some photos of the foils and post them here if any wants to see them
  3. I'm looking for about $6k.
  4. BTW, I'm not really a newbie to this forum. Used to here quite a bit a few years ago before children came along
  5. Looking to sell my foiling moth so that I can sail with my daughter. Assassin hull. Bought second hand in 2013, built about 2011. Two sails. Boat trailer. I'll through in the road trailer if wanted. All in good condition, just minor wear from use. Stored in garage. Central Auckland.
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