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  1. Did they get rid of wreck in Putiki or just the big orange buoy that was marking it?
  2. Do not click on the above link. It will probably try to install a virus. Admin may want to delete.
  3. Due to continued contamination the Lighthouse NZ National Match Racing Championship has been moved to BBYC with racing off the mouth of the Tamaki River
  4. National water monitoring is carried out by Land, Water, Air Aotearoa (LAWA) during the swimming months Nov - March. They appear to monitor weekly and after rain events. The data spreadsheet showing actual counts is on https://lawa.org.nz There is enough data to be able to model and predict results.
  5. Try your local sailmakers. If they can't replace the clears then they should know who can.
  6. Richard Hulston, Independent Riggers, HMB
  7. East Tamaki Galvanising remove and replace the lead as part of galvanising process for plough anchors.
  8. St Clair-Brown was fined $200 which is the maximum fine the Harbour master can give
  9. Have you tried Super Yacht Coatings in Tauranga? They show Alexseal as one of their suppliers.
  10. Arbitare has withdrawn but going to sail with the fleet down the West Coast. They will decide dependent on weather whether they go to Waikawa or home port of Wellington. SSANZ have let them keep the YB tracker so they will be visible on the tracker.
  11. Jaycar owns RoadTechMarine (RTM) in Oz so Burnsco will be will be a perfect fit. I was in Burnsco this afternoon and gave them my Jaycar club card instead of my Burnsco club card. They laughed.
  12. Go fuel website clearly states: Bank Card Pre-authorisation - Transactions at marine payment terminals are all pre-authorised by your card provider. They (not GOfuel) might place a "hold" of $1500 on your account prior to dispensing your fuel. For most transactions, the hold is released immediately after completion, however some banks take longer (3-7 days) to release the hold. To prevent this, sign up for a "NO FEES" GOfuel fuel card. You will also receive a discount on every transaction. Sign-up now.
  13. He has mates/crew living on it. There is usually a tender tied up to it. It anchored up in Issy just before he went to prison. Prior to that it spent months anchored off Karaka at the mouth of the Tamaki river. It was a pain as in certain winds it used to obscure the Barber's Pole. I get tempted to ring DoC and say I saw a rat jump off it and swim to Motutapu.
  14. ^ The owner is currently in prison for rape. Google Craig Koning.
  15. You will need to get the new alternator modified to work with your external regulator. All the recent Yanmar marine engines appear to be shipped with 120A Valeo alternators, even the 3ym20 I replaced my 2gm20 with. It was set up with a serpentine belt and I utilised the belt load manager in my Balmar mc-614 reg to drop the max charging current to 90A.
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