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  1. I feel like the cost per rescue number is almost unbounded. I remember being amazed at the capital tied up in British lifeboats, like this one that launched 5 times last year. https://www.cromerrnli.org.uk/ I'm sure our coastguard have a *lot* more to do than that, but really, more patrols is better, more overflights is better, more staff is better, more training is better. It doesn't surprise me that the coastguard are never going to say, we're fine, we have enough resource.
  2. Never seen a turtle in NZ outside of Kelly Tarltons. We see a *lot* more Orca and Sharks than I saw as a kid, but maybe because we're a bit more adventurous.
  3. That'll be it. I must have been past without noticing a couple of times. Very sad. Surprises me that it it's been there so long. Thanks
  4. Great idea. Entry coming up. Both my girls (15 and 13) seem keen, so deciding who gets to come looks like the hardest part
  5. Anyone know the story behind this. We saw it Thursday Morning (20 Jan) and this afternoon (21st) from a distance.
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