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  1. Hapuka

    Farr 38

    Thanks Island Time, I will try and get hold of Scott.
  2. Hapuka

    Farr 38

    Thanks guys great Farr 38 info. By the way have discovered The Wildthing suffered major damage and was sunk/beached near French Pass (D'Urville Island) many years ago after hitting a log. ?? She was apparently store in a shed in Levin for a while before someone rebuilt her. Guess she ended up in Akld eventually....
  3. Hapuka

    Farr 38

    Interesting to hear about Lionheart's sad and tragic end. Guess its a good reminder that you are better off out in open water in really bad weather than trying to make port. i can vaguely remember the event. Very sad. Yes you are right Black Panther there was a Lidgard 42 called Lionheart too. My uncle owned her for a while in the sounds. One thing I've noticed about the timber Farr 38's is they seem to sit a bit higher in the water than the glass version? I assume they may be lighter than the GRP ones. And possibly stiffer?
  4. Hapuka

    Farr 38

    Great feedback thanks guys! I was unaware of the Cat One issue so I will have to look into that. Thanks for the background on The Wildthing Island Time.... any idea where the builder, Scott Norton , is now days?? Used to race against a 38 "Lionheart" in the sounds years ago and she went pretty well back then. Did a few Sth Island offshore races on Cutty Hunk a Farr 44 (looked like a bigger version of the 38) back in the 90's and she was a great boat offshore. Really after a coastal cruising boat thats got some speed and is fun to sail and can be sailed 2 up. Guess if you keep th
  5. Hapuka

    Farr 38

    Hi just looking at Farr 38's for a coastal/offshore cruising boat and wondering if anyone has any feedback on sailing them offshore? Also wondering if anyone knows the history of "The Wildthing" a timber farr 38 up there in Auckland? (I'm from down south so havent heard of it) Thanks....
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