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  1. Thanks for all the feedback. Mariner Insurance does cover you on swing mooring. About the only one I could find!
  2. Hi team , this has probably been well covered before but who has insurance out there thats on a swing mooring? Currently insured for last few yrs through NZI but they have an exclusion, wont cover for "damage arising from dragging or breaking free from swing mooring". interested to know what companies people have cover on moorings through? My broker apparently cant find any! Thanks in advance.
  3. Brilliant thanks team... cheers for all the ideas and links! Will try them once I can get back on board. Would be interesting to know how many years a stay could survive such high frequency vibration before it failed.....!
  4. Cheers CarpeDiem thats an interesting read! Great I'll try spiralling some 0.5mm around the lower metre of backstay. Although wouldnt the top section of it still produce the offending vortex?
  5. May have already been covered here ...... but I have a Dyneema backstay which howls like a demented mother-in-law whenever wind gets above about 15 knots. Note changes dependent on how much tension is on her (the backstay) Anyone have any experience here, or ideas on how to quieten her down? Could just go back to original wire backstay I guess.
  6. Yeah would be great to meet up if you get down south here Andy, keep us posted! I'm sure it wouldnt be the first time General Jackson and Otway have rafted up!!
  7. Great pics! We had a very similar experience Andy. Bought well known Tauranga Farr 38 "Otway 3" last year and wondered if it would be too much of a handful to sail 2-up offshore with the wife.... but we have also found it a great cruising boat and a lot of fun to sail. Plenty of performance and speed but also very easily driven with smaller amount of sail up offshore. Sailed her up through Coromandel/Barrier around the top and down the west coast to Nelson and have had a great summer cruising home waters of Tasman Bay, D'Urville Island and outer Sounds pretty much all 2 handed. Has worked out
  8. Hapuka


    I'm with you there, a lot of his IOR boats werent the best looking and had some funny angles and bumps going. IOR bred some ugly boats for sure but then some of the Frers and Holland versions with long raked transoms were stunners!
  9. Hapuka


    Actually beg to differ, although true some Farr's race boats looked pretty "functional", I always thought Ceramco was a really pretty boat, The 1020 and 1220 are both good looking girls and you cant say a Farr 38 hasnt got sleek and racey lines?? (bit biased as I'm now a farr 38 owner). And what about the newer Farr 395?
  10. Hapuka

    Farr 38

    Thanks Island Time, I will try and get hold of Scott.
  11. Hapuka

    Farr 38

    Thanks guys great Farr 38 info. By the way have discovered The Wildthing suffered major damage and was sunk/beached near French Pass (D'Urville Island) many years ago after hitting a log. ?? She was apparently store in a shed in Levin for a while before someone rebuilt her. Guess she ended up in Akld eventually....
  12. Hapuka

    Farr 38

    Interesting to hear about Lionheart's sad and tragic end. Guess its a good reminder that you are better off out in open water in really bad weather than trying to make port. i can vaguely remember the event. Very sad. Yes you are right Black Panther there was a Lidgard 42 called Lionheart too. My uncle owned her for a while in the sounds. One thing I've noticed about the timber Farr 38's is they seem to sit a bit higher in the water than the glass version? I assume they may be lighter than the GRP ones. And possibly stiffer?
  13. Hapuka

    Farr 38

    Great feedback thanks guys! I was unaware of the Cat One issue so I will have to look into that. Thanks for the background on The Wildthing Island Time.... any idea where the builder, Scott Norton , is now days?? Used to race against a 38 "Lionheart" in the sounds years ago and she went pretty well back then. Did a few Sth Island offshore races on Cutty Hunk a Farr 44 (looked like a bigger version of the 38) back in the 90's and she was a great boat offshore. Really after a coastal cruising boat thats got some speed and is fun to sail and can be sailed 2 up. Guess if you keep th
  14. Hapuka

    Farr 38

    Hi just looking at Farr 38's for a coastal/offshore cruising boat and wondering if anyone has any feedback on sailing them offshore? Also wondering if anyone knows the history of "The Wildthing" a timber farr 38 up there in Auckland? (I'm from down south so havent heard of it) Thanks....
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