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  1. How thick? I may have some 4mm, Stanmore Bay area.
  2. So you have Kiwi Grip, then 2 pot something, then factory non skid gelcoat?
  3. I'm defiantly going to be rolling and tipping, that way I can do it ad-hoc as time allows, also, spraying the quarter berths would be a nightmare. Another consideration is the Carboline Enamel though I do not know where to purchase it. Id be keen on a test spot. Re flowcoat, I will be painting over single pot varnish in some areas and am unsure of how the polyester will react with it. Ideally I'm looking for a good quality semi gloss enamel (or similar) that sticks to anything and flows out nice. I'm pretty fussy with finishes.
  4. Anyone had any experience with "Epoxy Enamel" as an interior paint? Its readily available from Bunnings etc for a reasonable price as a rust treatment topcoat. Im hoping to find a single pot system that can go straight over my suitably sanded, already in ok condition interior paint. Open to other suggestions. Cheers
  5. Interprotect worked for me, I waited a day and a half to sand it and this was half a day too long, it was a painful long boarding job. The problem is you will not know that it hasnt worked untill after the top coat is on and the boat has seen some sunshine.
  6. Hi Winter, I sanded as much #3 off as I could, then YRA over the top. For the most part it has worked fine, there is the odd bit smaller than a finger nail that didnt stick. This could have been down to prep though (but I was pretty particular about the prep). If you are going over #3 and the area you are painting is easy to sand and doesnt have too many coves, rounds etc then I would highly recommend 80grit, then interprotect, then 120 grit then undercoat of choice then top coat. I had some dramas with the hull and had to scrape off my finished paint and start again using interprotect as the
  7. Does any one have any hacks for super simple warm water off the engine? Im not talking hot steamy shower, I'm thinking just rinsing salt off the kids at the end of the day, out in the cockpit, while the engine is running. There must be some clever, simple systems out there. I have a 2gm20F.
  8. I have an Excel, have not dragged in the 5 years of owning it. Awesome anchor, highly recommend.
  9. I have an old R780 mast if you are interested in buying a second hand mast.
  10. Ok, Thanks Island time, I didnt realise that the VSR didnt care which battery had reached voltage before engaging. I will test mine out with a standard battery charger, if it works I can rewire so the VSR is upstream of the battery switches. Cheers.
  11. Hi All, Just a simple question, is there any reason why I couldn't run a VSR off my solar panel so that when the house bank is charged the solar starts charging the start battery? I already have a VSR running off my alternator that charges the start battery primarily, then the house. It is a simple system on a 9m yacht, 50w solar panel. Thanks heaps, any advice deeply appreciated.
  12. You're right Chariot, often the best buys are often the boats that are not for sale, I currently own a fantastic boat (Elliott 9) and love her to bits, still, one never stops speculating and this was a boat that stuck in my mind. Its been a few years now and Ive come a long way, I look forward to seeing her at anchor again one day and seeing if she still stirs the same emotions that she did a few years back.
  13. Burnsco at Gulf Harbour take them, presumably the other Burnscoes do too.
  14. +1 for Kawakawa, bottom end is right there.
  15. Awesome, Thanks. Let me know how you get on.
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