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  1. WTB SD 20 saildrive shaft and nut that keeps prop on. I snapped the thread on the end of the propshaft trying to remove the nut. Boat now stuck on the hardstand. Any help would be much appreciated. Cheers, Ross
  2. Brilliant, Thanks eruptn. I purchased the one in the link above. Cheers for your help.
  3. Hi Psyche, I know this thread is pretty old but did you find a tachometer by chance? Im still looking. Thanks.
  4. Wanted to buy, new or used Yanmar tachometer for a 2GM20. My current one stopped working after I tried to fix some rust. It has no hour counter and the screen reads P=97 in very small writing at the bottom, 12v. If anyone has one laying around that they would be willing to sell i would be very greatfull. Cheers, Ross
  5. Agree to above. buy a dinghy. Starting in a dinghy will make you a better, more instinctual sailor. And anything you get after that will seem super dry, stable and comfortable.
  6. Maybe the dropline got wrapped around the cleat or something at high tide?
  7. On closer inspection mine is a 213. No cable.
  8. Let me know if you need a new 608, I may have one brand new.
  9. I think the hose was put there to run fresh water through the cooling system via a hose from the dock.
  10. You dont have to go far, the Gulf is really under rated, there are so many great spots you can get to in just a few hours. I have a 6 year old daughter and 2 year old daughter and they find interest in almost everything on our sailing trips, it might be the crabs or star fish ashore, the ducks that swim out to meet you (Mahurangi) or swimming from the boat. We sail from Gulf Harbour Marina and our favourite spots are Tiri Tiri, Mahurangi, Motutapu (very underrated, this island has alot to offer) Kauwau, Motorekareka and the bottom end of Waiheke.
  11. I have no head unit, I run a bluetooth receiver into cerwin vega equiliser then onto a 3 channel D class amp. This powers 2x fusion cockpit speakers on R channel and my saloon speakers (6.5 Alpine component) on the L channel, third channel powers the 8" sub in the saloon. I Control the fader, volume and sub volume through the equiliser, sounds great. I listen to reggae, funk, house, and dub most of the time.
  12. Hi Dual Control, I have a Sarca Excel and love it. I have a number 2 on a 30ft boat (a resonably light one, so I swing around alot) and it has never dragged in the 5 years I have owned the boat. I would have thought that the #3 would be plenty big enough for a Beale 33, especially with 20m chain. My boat had a #1 when I purchased her, I still happily use this all winter for day tripping. I think I have 20m of 7mm chain. Make sure you have sinking warp and have it spliced onto your chain.
  13. How thick? I may have some 4mm, Stanmore Bay area.
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