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  1. Is this course still running?
  2. I also have this trip in mind, and with the same experience at 58, however 2 of my companions will have 40yrs experience up their sleeves, I see there is always plenty to consider and a brain in the head is always useful. I have a lot of planning and want to complete a couple of courses first even though I have 35 years of coastal boating knowledge. I'm guessing the Pogo1250 made it to NZ safely Cabrinha?
  3. Rickinz

    NZ to Fiji

    Hi Grant, "nice comfy quick boat" ? what type of boat was it? I'm looking at doing something similar and I'm just getting feedback on what people are using and opinions on what is a suitable or ideal boat. I have a long way to go to get my tickets so I'm planning ahead. Cheers Rick
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