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  1. Yea, though wouldn’t be able to get the winch arm in. Thinking about raising the cleats up somehow
  2. Yea, and it works, but not adjustable while sailing and hard to use while the sheet is tight, the boat heeling and I’m on the opposite side of the cockpit
  3. Very hard to use the winch cleats while the sheet is under strain and I’m on the other side of the boat
  4. Hi, I'm having trouble cleating of the gib lines while sailing in moderate winds on my Tasman 20. The cleat is level with the winch, so when the winch has a few winds in it, it is hard to pull the line down into the cleat. It happens on both sides. I have both winches set up to take the line clockwise - I could change this, but it is still hard to cleat. See pictures - ignore the arrow on one. Any thoughts on what to do here? raise the cleats? (might be wobbly) lower the winches? (might be hard to access..)
  5. right - it does seem quite low! Too low
  6. Thanks. I got this recommendation on cruisers forum. https://www.velasailingsupply.com/viadana-swivel-base-w-adjustable-ball-bearing/?sku=VIA20.03&gclid=EAIaIQobChMIpKyaip3S8QIVhLaWCh0npQyrEAQYAyABEgJoLPD_BwE Keen to find something in NZ as shipping atm takes ages. Good to have a couple of options. Thanks for your post.
  7. This is what I’ve found from Harken. It’s two-part, and pretty big and chunky
  8. Close, but I’m looking for a floor mount.
  9. thanks - tried those links and still searching.
  10. Hi, I’m replacing the main sheet on my Tasman 20, and would like to have a floor mounted block and cleat. Does anyone know where I can find one of these?
  11. Thanks - I’ll keep away from acetone. Regarding the primer, for the Quilosa ms35 I don’t think it needs a primer, but I was going to etch the acrylic with a kitchen scourer. Is the primer needed for the Butyl tape?
  12. I would be removing potentially fragments of what I guess is rubber (butyl?) from the acrylic, and preparing the surface for adhesion to butyl tape, and Quilosa MS35. I was anticipating using acetone to clean up rubber fragments. Better to use turps? (Isn't turps a thinner? What thinner do you not recommend?)
  13. I wondered if you had recommendations on the type of Butyl tap to use? good tip about the angled nozzles https://www.glasscorp.co.nz/results.html?q=butyl+tape
  14. Nice job! Did you use a glazing tape also? How did you prepare the surfaces?
  15. I found this video that I think explains your method (can watch at double speed)- but with VHB tape. I've seen that butyl tape is recommended over VHB tape - though in this video the VHB tape that failed was being used without a sealant.
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