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  1. right - it does seem quite low! Too low
  2. Thanks. I got this recommendation on cruisers forum. https://www.velasailingsupply.com/viadana-swivel-base-w-adjustable-ball-bearing/?sku=VIA20.03&gclid=EAIaIQobChMIpKyaip3S8QIVhLaWCh0npQyrEAQYAyABEgJoLPD_BwE Keen to find something in NZ as shipping atm takes ages. Good to have a couple of options. Thanks for your post.
  3. This is what I’ve found from Harken. It’s two-part, and pretty big and chunky
  4. Close, but I’m looking for a floor mount.
  5. thanks - tried those links and still searching.
  6. Hi, I’m replacing the main sheet on my Tasman 20, and would like to have a floor mounted block and cleat. Does anyone know where I can find one of these?
  7. Thanks - I’ll keep away from acetone. Regarding the primer, for the Quilosa ms35 I don’t think it needs a primer, but I was going to etch the acrylic with a kitchen scourer. Is the primer needed for the Butyl tape?
  8. I would be removing potentially fragments of what I guess is rubber (butyl?) from the acrylic, and preparing the surface for adhesion to butyl tape, and Quilosa MS35. I was anticipating using acetone to clean up rubber fragments. Better to use turps? (Isn't turps a thinner? What thinner do you not recommend?)
  9. I wondered if you had recommendations on the type of Butyl tap to use? good tip about the angled nozzles https://www.glasscorp.co.nz/results.html?q=butyl+tape
  10. Nice job! Did you use a glazing tape also? How did you prepare the surfaces?
  11. I found this video that I think explains your method (can watch at double speed)- but with VHB tape. I've seen that butyl tape is recommended over VHB tape - though in this video the VHB tape that failed was being used without a sealant.
  12. found these in other forums: Sikaflex MS: https://nzl.sika.com/en/46072/sealants-fillers/exterior-joints/walls-and-facades/sikaflex-ms.html Fixtech FS200: https://www.seamac.co.nz/new-products/fixtech-fs200-310ml-cartridge-black Dow Corning 795: https://www.dow.com/en-us/pdp.dowsil-795-silicone-building-sealant.01595717z.html QUILOSA MS35: https://www.glueguru.co.nz/shop/BRANDS/QUILOSA/QUILOSA+MS35+Adhesive+280ml+Cartridges.html Any preference? Maybe I won't need the bolts?
  13. My windows leak, and my boat fills up. The windows were added by a previous owner, they're adhered with some kind of rubber, but it's come loose in several places. I plan to drill holes through the panes and fiberglass, remove the panes, clean the surfaces, apply a sealant, replace the panes and screw bolts through the pane and the fiberglass. Does anyone have feedback on this approach? Could you recommend a sealant? Sikaflex 291 seems to be an option - though it doesn't seem to be recommended for plexiglass ("Sikaflex®-291 must not be used to seal plastics that are prone to stress cracking (e
  14. Yup have decided to get suzuki
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