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  1. Hi, how old is the phone and have you had any issues with it i.e, is that the reason you are upgrading?
  2. Heiko, we will be doing a low key race out of Westhaven Marina on Sunday 10th May from 12 noon. If you don't get a better offer you would be welcome to join us. txt or call me on 021305707. Cheers Mark
  3. Can you tell me what boat this has come off?
  4. The system that ab1974 mentions above is well demonstrated in the pic attached (if I can manage to attach it)! I've also used this system and found it brilliant. Bamboo poles are best as they are light and strong (and cost nothing). The system is so easy it's ridiculous and I don't know why more people don't use it. The tender is off the deck and out of the way, you're not dragging it behind the boat, you don't have the complication of trying to strap it to the stern which is a pain, and to launch you just give it a push...brilliant
  5. Cloughy


    Imprezza loses it's mast off Orapiu thisafternoon.
  6. If you don't have any luck locally you could try these guys who stock or make spare parts for pretty much any winch that has ever been on the market. I bought some springs and pawls from them a few weeks ago for my Barlow winches that I couldn't find anywhere locally. If your part isn't on their website just email them with your enquiry. They were great to deal with and the package arrived about three days after I paid the money. Cheers Cloughy http://www.huttonwinches.com/
  7. Farr1220 Mainsail for sale. In generally good all round condition with plenty of life left in it. Open to offers. P 13m, E 5.2m Mark 021305707
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