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  1. YNZ

    A Word from YNZ

    As noted above and in the thread. Feedback given so far has been collated and will go into the review of the next edition of the Safety Regulations, which come into effect on January 2021.
  2. This forum is an avenue to raise considerations for the next edition of the regulations (2021 - 2024). If you have more immediate concerns, contact Angus Willison at angus@yachtingnz.org.nz.
  3. Just a heads up, I won't be giving any direct answers to requests for change - I'm not a subject matter expert on some of this stuff. What I'll do is take your feedback, constructive criticism, suggested amendments and reasoning, then put it to the group (led by Angus Willison, our Safety and Technical Officer), who will consider all the information for the new regulations. Anything that is a serious safety concern can be addressed prior to the new regulations in 2021 and an amendment issued if warranted. Andrew
  4. If this thread can remain constructive and sensible, then it can provide some valuable feedback from this community, which we can feed into the review of the regulations.
  5. I have gone ahead and added links to the Recreational section, which should hopefully help people find the information easier.
  6. It's still available, and still free... https://www.yachtingnz.org.nz/racing/safety-regulations There is also a copy of the inspector checklist which you can download, here: https://www.yachtingnz.org.nz/racing/safety-inspections
  7. What is being proposed is a draft as part of the Draft Marlborough Environment Plan. YNZ have made a submission which can be found here: http://www.yachtingnz.org.nz/advocacy/ynz-submissions Northland Regional Council are currently reviewing their Regional Plan and have introduced some draft rules around sewage which don't seem practical. We are currently preparing feedback on their draft, submissions close on Friday. This may be of interest to some of you (an update on some of the recent advocacy work being done at YNZ): http://www.yachtingnz.org.nz/news/201609/ynz-working-to-get-pl
  8. Yachting New Zealand invites racing yacht owners and crew to attend an exciting and unique opportunity to learn all you want to know about IRC with the Director of the RORC Rating Office, James Dadd, coming to New Zealand to share his knowledge. James Dadd will be guest speaker and included among a panel of IRC experts at an upcoming IRC Forum being held in Auckland on Monday 16 May. The IRC Forum is FREE to attend! Don’t miss this fantastic opportunity! James, and other IRC experts, will answer questions and provide tips on how to get the most out of your rating. The IRC Forum wil
  9. Feedback from YNZ Safety and Technical Officer, Angus Willison: “An existing regulation should have already covered the issue of lockers coming open and the contents coming out, however in recent experience it would appear that it is necessary for the regulations to be more literal. As was the case with minimum headroom height, amended earlier this year. I would highlight that most boats already comply. In the case of the Gisborne race 5 out of the 7 boats were fine and only one boat objected. Another boat had 2 lightweight cabin soles that weren’t secured and they were relatively sma
  10. For those of you that may not have seen this in Briefings, I thought you might find the story linked below interesting.. http://www.yachtingnz.org.nz/news/201511/self-sufficiency-in-the-extreme-the-simon-willis-story
  11. YNZ

    Takapuna Beach

    We know this is a contentious issue, and there are people with strong held opinions on both side of the fence. I will be brief and I'm not sure anything I say here will change anyone's mind. The campground was told in 2003 that their lease was not going to be renewed after 2013 – long before any plans were formed about how the reserve would be used. The Reserve Management Plan process was subject to public submission. The plan, now in place since 2012, does not contemplate a campground. What has been proposed by HAT fully complies and does not stop someone from putting in a propo
  12. YNZ

    Issues with YNZ

    Ketchup (for lack of you fronting up and putting your real name to your posts), you’ve had your say and stated your opinion (you are claiming a lot of things as fact, which is simply not the case). I don’t intend to get into a back and forth, I’ll respond to some of your reasonable comments/statements and leave it at that. You clearly have some very long running issues with YNZ, and I don’t intend to address those, but I can speak to what we are doing now. Yachting New Zealand are driven and committed to improving and growing sailing in New Zealand, to accuse us otherwise is an insult
  13. As Matt said, it was a completely open invitation to all classes, and even when approached by keel boat classes we said "ok". Non-affiliated classes were invited and some took part, i.e. the Open Bic. I can't tell you why classes like the PT, Hobie and Viper were not able to be there as I was not coordinating the class responses. This was an attempt for us to try something different, try to reach out to the public and have something hands on. We were also thinking of trying to showcase to young sailors already engaged what classes they might like to move in to when they grow out of
  14. The weather looks like it is coming to the party for the YNZ Dinghy Expo tomorrow, clear skies till late afternoon and gentle breezes.
  15. YNZ

    Takapuna Beach

    Just quickly... I have read your comments and intend to respond, however you need to appreciate it will take time to give a response that I feel they deserve and not just an off the cuff response. Within my role, there are many things on the go, so I can't drop everything to answer you right away. This isn't ducking the issue, or ignoring you, just a reality. We haven't asked for any questions or comments to be removed, censored, vetted or otherwise... We are not hiding, and I happily put my name to my posts. Perhaps you would consider putting your names to posts and stand by your com
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