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  1. what kind of stories? 50kts upwind with crew being taken off with split heads and broken ribs? losing the rudder off sail rock? naked sleep walking through the duke of marlborough? that time a disgruntled local stormed out of the pub to go get his shotgun cause he didnt like the place being over run with yachties?
  2. we're going for the hard bastards award this year, taking the piedy if the committee will bless us with special dispensation for lack of lifelines
  3. Had to make an account just to post this. Drifting back into gulf harbour in the piedy a few months back. light easterly breeze, only fumes left in the gas tank so had to sail as far as marina security would allow, out going tide from the weiti river pushing us onto the cliff. the pictures don't really show it but we were danger close to the reef (close enough I honestly thought, and hoped, that this pr*ck was going to hit the rocks). Saw him on the next pier over when we got in, yelled out and said "bloke you pull that stunt again you're gonna get a bottle through your fkn window", his r
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