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  1. If it’s going to be outside it’ll need to be protected from spray and rain. My boat is a launch so my setup just uses an ordinary iPad. I love Navionics. It syncs with my iPhone so you can create routes on one device and they appear on the other. Any old iPad will do the trick though as mentioned by Zozza above it must be a wifi+cellular model. It chews through the battery so you need to have a plug nearby for charging. I have mine mounted on this bracket - see pic …
  2. This looks very promising https://www.rnz.co.nz/news/national/510071/northland-s-fight-against-invasive-seaweed-boosted
  3. Does anyone here have experience with a diesel stove?
  4. Anybody know if it’s possible to top up the boat water tank anywhere on the Mahurangi?
  5. Viaduct harbour beside the tidal steps. Depending on vessel height you may need to call on vhf to get them to open the bridge.
  6. Brin Wilson’s old “Buccaneer” I do believe …
  7. Pretty sure the port has the actual current tide height. I wonder if they could make it available to the public.
  8. I think what Essjaywhy is asking for is actual live data, not predictions. I’d love to be able to access current live tide heights to determine if it’s safe to transit a bridge during king tides. The predicted tide height doesn’t account for variations due to air pressure.
  9. Good to see bananas in their lunch. I always take bananas on board to deliberately give the finger to irrationality.
  10. Te Huia terminated at The Strand station, not Parnell station. But in any case it was more logical to get off at Papakura or Puhinui and just take the next train direct to Britomart (or Newmarket or anywhere else).
  11. The GH ferry is likely to be cancelled because after decades of moaning the good people of the peninsula have persuaded the government that they “need” a shortcut to the motorway via Penlink. This will make the Gulf Harbour ferry less viable, as AT plan to increase the frequencies of the bus services east of Whangaparaoa. An equivalent would be if you can imagine Waiheke people agitating for a bridge to the mainland and then complaining that the ferry service gets cancelled… The Gulf Harbour service is frequently cancelled anyway whenever there are strong northeasterly winds.
  12. No - the only strikers are the drivers employed by NZ Bus, who only have the contracts for a portion of the network (mainly just the central isthmus services); and the strikes are only from 4.00 am to 8.00 am, ie not when Te Huia arrives/departs. Kiwirail can charter buses from any operators. But in any case I can’t imagine why a passenger from Hamilton would transfer to a slow bus at Papakura to get dropped at The Strand (aka Siberia) when they could simply cross the platform at Papakura and transfer to a fast electric train which runs every 10 minutes and takes them straight into the he
  13. A bit left field, but you could consider Putiki Bay, Waiheke. Quite a few vacant moorings there and also at Huruhi Bay. Involves a ferry trip and a bus ride to get to your boat, but works out cheaper than a city-side location. A lot of boaties keep their dinghies at the end of Wharf Rd. Matiatia would be even more convenient. I suspect a few will migrate to the new marina at Kennedy Point when it opens, so there could well be a few vacant moorings available then.
  14. I’m not intending to anchor anywhere near the stuff. But if in a few years it spreads to every damn bay, and if it is no longer feasible to try and control the spread by implementing restrictions, the next question will be can anchors even penetrate it?
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