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  1. I’m not intending to anchor anywhere near the stuff. But if in a few years it spreads to every damn bay, and if it is no longer feasible to try and control the spread by implementing restrictions, the next question will be can anchors even penetrate it?
  2. Yup that’s what I meant! The thought of every bay being covered in a thick mat of the stuff is pretty disturbing. I’ve got a Rocna set-up but it might struggle to penetrate Caulerpa …
  3. Anyone know if caulerpa makes it difficult to anchor?
  4. Nice! We had a fine day here last month
  5. Just reading this brilliant book by Rebecca Hayter on a voyage to the Arctic with Ross Field on his boat Rosemary. A very entertaining read. Rosemary is now owned by my neighbour, who is planning a voyage to the Auckland islands next year, skippered by Ross.
  6. I had a major infestation 10 years ago which resulted in having to clean out the fuel tank and sell my children into slavery to pay for new injectors. At the time I researched the topic thoroughly and have since used Grotamar 82 religiously. Never had a hint of diesel bug since and can highly recommend it.
  7. Lindsay


    Was free to air on TV3. Can’t find it on their app though.
  8. Too late into this thread, sorry, and the stain you’ve used looks great. But for others considering this I can recommend Sikkens Cetol HLSe Teak. Easy to apply and touch up each year while tucked up in a snug anchorage.
  9. Yeah there’s nothing better than rowing ashore for a platter on their verandah and a glass of their finest
  10. Another one at Great Barrier (from RNZ)
  11. Not particularly high winds at the bridge right now. I’m sure they will close it again when the wind crosses their threshold
  12. The good weather always starts when school goes back.* Departing Chamberlin’s Bay early today. *Except next week
  13. What I find distressing is the old geezers at my boat club moaning their tits off about this. They don’t appear to understand the concept of extinction.
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