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  1. What I find distressing is the old geezers at my boat club moaning their tits off about this. They don’t appear to understand the concept of extinction.
  2. I may be mistaken but I think the restrictions only apply if you enter a marina. You’d need receipts for either antifoul within the last 6 months or waterblast within the last month.
  3. Would like to know if it’s safe to swim in Islington Bay …
  4. I’m sure you don’t mean this Clipper but the logical inference of your comment is that you think we should do away with car licensing and registration …
  5. Pamela Cundy - very active on Facebook. Join the group “Whangateau Traditional Boating Club”. A terrific group to join - they post every day.
  6. It’s not the govt which puts routes up for tender. Under the public transport operating model [PTOM] all PT routes are put up for tender by the regional council (AT in Auckland’s case). The Waiheke and Devonport runs are exempt from PTOM thanks to Fullers lobbying Steven Joyce when the system was created. This has created a monopoly with no control over fares, frequencies or standards. AT is currently negotiating with Fullers to bring the Waiheke and Devonport services into PTOM.
  7. I got mine from Survitech. - 5 Lockhart Pl Mt Wellington. Great service.
  8. I sent the video to HM and got a reply this morning saying that I was clearly the stand-on vessel and that they’d try to contact the owner.
  9. If anyone knows the owner of Vantage, please dump a lot of manure on his verandah. - failing to give way - exceeding 5 knots within 50m of another vessel - exceeding 5 knots within 200m of the shore - not giving a sh*t about the effect of his wake - being an all-round dickbrain
  10. The boat next door looks like a classic. The article says it’s had $500k spent on it. One very annoyed owner no doubt.
  11. The club are very active on Facebook, which will keep you informed about when they’re open - see “bon accord bar & bistro ltd”
  12. Thanks! Ended up reluctantly bringing the wee ship back to Auckland after the winch failed, adding to the earlier minor woes. Now awaiting my regular sparky to fit me in so I can resume the summer cruise. All the tradies seem to be inundated with work. Why didn’t my dad talk me into becoming a sparky?
  13. Thanks IT will try them cheers
  14. Hi all I am currently in Coromandel harbour with a minor electrical issue. Can anyone recommend a good marine electrician here?
  15. These people (Jo Holmes, Jordan Williams et al) are toxic and best avoided. Massive misinformation being spread by this crowd.
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