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  1. Update: was at Maimai Bay, Rotoroa last week and again saw a boat unloading two huge dogs onto the beach. This time I phoned the island and within 3 minutes a ranger arrived! They’re very appreciative of people letting them know. The number to call is 09 283 0849.
  2. Very local I’d say. No respite from the SW at the western end of Waiheke.
  3. Yes got pics and sent to Rotoroa via Facebook messenger.
  4. Met service says wind easing by Friday. Should be fabulous up at Kawau (apart from the new year crowds).
  5. 70-80 boats in Chamberlin’s Bay the last 2 nights.
  6. Anyone know who owns the vessel “Rewind”? Seen taking two dogs ashore at Rotoroa Island today.
  7. Lindsay

    Old Pics

    Great pics! I’m sure the Waitemata Woodys blog would love to publish them. Maybe send them to Alan Houghton at waitematawoodys@gmail.com. Might help to ferret out more information about the boats.
  8. Re-upping this thread hoping for an update from Fogg: has the e-propulsion arrived? Is it the Evo model? Have you tried it out? Also: supplier and price please - I’m struggling to find the Evo in Auckland.
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