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  1. Thats interesting the mag article on NZTYA website only says lift keel https://www.nztya.nz/blog/623058 https://www.nztya.nz/blog/623059 was it a one off wooden boat ?
  2. That would be great , thou im not in easy travel , it would be great to email or talk to them thanks
  3. there is but its voluntary https://www.yachtingnz.org.nz/recreational/boat-registration
  4. I know its late , All midnight 21s ive seen are are a drop keel - above the short centrecase when inside the boat (like a pclass centreboarder ) - case is not enclosed floor to ceiling like a Noelex 25 or Ross 780
  5. I have a bigger problem than rust -mines missing !! A previous owner (not guy i brought from) cut out centrecase and lost swingboard and rudder . I was told by last owner his wife said it was to tippy and wanted to put in a fixed keel. I gave up trying to find specs , including contacting Alan and the boat builder , on replacing board and decided to go for lifting board which im in the middle of doing but im having second thoughts and think ill put it back to original setup to keep resale value. So any help in its dimensions and shape , how its swung and lifted re attachments. p
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