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  1. And a reminder for the 1020's that the Route 66 is coming up on March 3... Nice shortish race up the coast
  2. that's a tidy 2002. tried to PM you but no can do. Be keen to get some bits for my tired 2002 in the 1020... bit rustier than your example.
  3. Gambier

    Wickedly bad timing

    love the pissing contest but has anyone actually looked at the numbers for govt spending? all the talk of what the $38M investment could have done is great but the reality is the TNZ funding was loose change. From the NZ Treasury website in 2012/13 they spent $26.3B on social security and welfare or $72.5M/day, $13.9B on health ($14.7B for 2013/14) or $38M/day and $13.4B on education or $36.7M/day!! While it sounds like a big sum i doubt that an extra $104K per day would really be noticed in the scheme of the above expenditure
  4. Bit of a change from the Townson 32 Grenada for the owner. Seems to be a bit of that these days - kauri logs to tupperware
  5. one of the headlands (west i think) looks a bit like an elephant head... look at it with your head tilted to one side and an eye closed. bit like little barrier supposedly looking like one of the queens lying down when viewed from GBI
  6. hmmm now we going to get an architecturally designed toilet block. glad to see the priorities are sorted. just flushing toilets would be a start. Westhaven - Any chance of a response to my query a while back of who has priority at the entrance, pedestrians or marina berth holders? already had a couple of daydreamers wandering through oblivious to the cars turning in
  7. I took the 1020 up to the town basin at the beginning of March when there were 3.5m tides and we touched the bottom twice going up the river right at the bottom of the tide. once getting to the berth to wait for the bridge to lift! so gets a bit shallow at low tide. plenty of other places we only had 0.1-0.3 under us... think we only draw 1.8m
  8. i have a question about this new cycle/pedestrian path that is going in on the southern side. where it crosses the access road into the carpark (L-X) it is a raised crossing to the same level as the adjacent footpath and is paved in the same material. Does this now mean that pedestrians etc have right of way over cars accessing the marinas?? If not it is not a particularly safe design to imply to pedestrians they have the rights and is something that is avoided on every other project i've been involved with. If it is i can see this holding up traffic on Westhaven Drive and again takes away
  9. and use those mesh sanding screen thingies since they don't clog up like normal sandpaper.
  10. On Pott Black, Townson 32, we are/were set up with two single blocks on the stem for the downhauls and as others have said yes both downhaul and sheet direct to clews. pole only clipped to sheet. Original owner had a double block on the bow but that was a disaster during gybes as the two downhauls were pulling in different directions and neither wanted to move easily. never had to change sides of the pulpit for the downhauls from running shy to deep though. Is your pole the design length? unlike you we also have the baby forestay to deal with during gybes too whcih adds to the fun!! Happy
  11. Gambier

    Y Pier.

    Keep in contact with Trevor and the WMUA, even more so if you are a marina owner. they are working on this at the moment. Had an interesting chat with him last weekend.
  12. Gambier

    Race 18

    I've been sitting back not being able to watch the races for fear of cardiac arrest but as others before have said it doesn't take long for the knives to be brought out does it?! So the afterguard have made a couple of mistakes, but out of how many they make in the 25minute race. They must make a hell of a lot of them under that much pressure. if you're racing a quicker or even a boat of equal speed at this level you're going to get punished. It wasn't that long ago everyone was saying what absolute legends they were now when things don't quite go right we take the age old mentality o
  13. two-nine-O-seven but sailing one is heaven
  14. Go the mighty Townson!! Well done Gareth and Co
  15. Price dropped. get in for the last of summer and the easter cruise. Nationals are coming up too...
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