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  1. Awlwood MA is much superior to traditional varnishes, from my tests and experience easily lasts twice as long. The extra cost is easily worth it. Follow the instructions closely (use one of the primers, disposable foam brushes, etc). Also can easily do 2-3 coats/day in summer. No contest for external varnish, IMO.
  2. Thinking of stopping off at Great Barrier Island on the way south from the Bay of Islands in a couple of weeks. Has it recovered somewhat from the cyclone, or are we better off leaving the locals to get on with their cleanup? Anyone with recent knowledge? Thanks.
  3. We survived the (sleepless) night, fairly breezy, gusts well over 60kts I'd say. Calm now - ~30kts. New anchor (Excel) held - I didn't trust the old CQR. About a dozen other boats altogether in the 2 bays. One boat decided to move to a better location (twice) mid-storm, that'd have been fun! Maybe we can start seeing the BoI in a few days...
  4. Snugged up in Te Hue Bay (Manawaora Bay), a few other boats with similar plans. We'll see how many turn up tomorrow!
  5. Thanks again; we'll go to BoI on Saturday am and find a snug spot there out of the swell with max wind protection. (Booked into the Opua Marina from the weekend after). Yes, normal storm prep, double secure everything...
  6. Thanks all. How about Parekura Bay in the BoI? Getting down Russell way may be a bit of a stretch as the winds get up on Saturday. (O/N Friday at Whangamumu Bay then head into the BoI in the morning.)
  7. Newbie here. We're over from Oz, cruising Auckland up to the Bay of Islands. Currently in Tutukaka Harbour, heading North later in the week. What's the best harbour around here to sit out the coming winds? We've thought of Whangamumu Harbour, looks like a good all weather anchorage. Plan to get tucked in by Friday pm. Appreciate the opinion of the assembled wisdom/experience here. (We rode out the storm a week or so ago at Rakino Island in the gulf, windy and lumpy, but OK.) Thanks for your help.
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