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  1. Hi all, I am moving back to New Zealand for summer, am a kiwi who has been in Europe for the last six months. Have raced a whole season on j24s as crew in Melbourne, also done about 500nm open ocean crewing in Italy, including night watches. Looking for any and all crewing opportunities and deliveries, paid positions preferable or covering expenses but flexible on this as I am still learning and also looking to build the miles so any and all offers I am interested in. I also have a really close friend who is an experienced sailor, we often sail together (she is a commerc
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    Hi Mike, Really interested in these opportunities, my friend and I have sailed together before, she is a skipper and I have crewed with her a couple times. The most recently assisted in a delivery I. Italy. We are both in Europe at the moment so perhaps the late October delivery could work. I am from New Zealand and she is Brazilian. Let me know if you would like to know anything further, happy to make time to chat on WhatsApp. Jordan
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