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  1. Been on the water all weekend and there is certainly a lot of debris out there. A few big logs that would give you more than a bump at 5 or 6 knots. The starboard channel marker at Weiti River must be floating out in the gulf somewhere too cos it ain't where it usually is
  2. Jeezus, reading some of these comments make me embarrassed to be a boat owner... its like listening to my kids scrapping. Quite a stray from the original post, should all be glad the guy is OK, and (I'm assuming as you all obviously have Internet currently) be grateful your house isn't buried under 5 foot of silt in the Hawkes bay..... plenty of other things to worry about besides who (in your opinion) is an idiot on the water.
  3. Actually, just seen this reported now. Will done to all involved! https://www.nzherald.co.nz/nz/cyclone-gabrielle-police-rescue-boatie-after-vessel-drifts-from-great-barrier-island/IUKAY47Y2BB6XFUKBNEMC4U4JY/
  4. So it's confirmed the owner is still aboard and ok? That'd be fantastic news if that's the case!
  5. I'd say you're a bloody good neighbour. A group of us spent 4.5 hours yesterday afternoon checking every boat in Weiti River after a mooring pile broke earlier in the day. Ended up replacing mooring lines on more than a dozen boats in atrocious conditions.
  6. Bloody unfortunate way to go.... but probably not surprising given the conditions. I went to check on my boat (moored up a usually sheltered river) yesterday afternoon. The first thing I witnessed was a dinghy levitating above the water with a volunteer aboard trying to rescue another members boat which had broken its mooring. 5 of us ended up in dinghies checking every club boat in the river and replaced mooring lines on more than a dozen boats that had either broken or were just about to. Conditions could only be described as atrocious and to be fair, we probably shouldn't have been out
  7. Jon, does the Wet and Forget make your decks slippery when wet? Like a detergent would?
  8. Purchased our boat 19 months ago and in the last 12 months we've put approx $16k into it to simply catch up on all the maintenance that had been lacking over the last few years with previous owner. We could have spent another $10k and got the same design boat in far better condition and saved money in the long run. On the flip side, I now know my boat intimately, know all the wiring/ electrical systems etc and know if something goes wrong I can probably fix it myself. It's also got us back ahead of the maintenance curve, so to speak. Hopefully no more big expensive shocks with a maintenance pl
  9. I used 4mm mohair, some brands call them wool velour. If you get your thinning rates right (which differs with temp and humidity) you shouldn't need to tip off as the paint will flow and stipple will pull back as it dries.
  10. As per above, any length will do but ideally 10-15 feet in length.
  11. I'm sure it's been asked multiple times but I'm looking for the above, preferably sourced locally. Fairly simple set up of B&G Vulcan and DST Triton package - I'm simply wanting to link my older Navico 300c tiller pilot (same as earlier TP32) to steer to a preset waypoint. I sailed on a R930 with this exact set up so I know it can be done, just need a converter. Would this do the trick? https://www.lusty-blundell.co.nz/product-group/13392-actisense-ngw-1-nmea-2000-0183/category/1755-converters If not, recommendations please.
  12. We've come home after a week in Coro. Had never been to Te Kouma before (only been a boat owner for 18 months, 9 of which was a re-fit). Blown away by the beauty of this place, especially so close to home in the Weiti River. Came back on Sunday with the easterly pushing us along nicely, top speed of 10.5 with the number 2 up, surfing down a few swells much to the delight of my kids (not so much the Mrs). Will definitely be back there soon. Favourite spot - Rangipukea Island
  13. Did some new tweaker lines out of 6mm last week, was so much harder that a 10-12mm rope! Got there in the end... though I did end up cutting the end of one as I grabbed the wrong tail and ended up with a low friction ring at each end of one line
  14. Nice work on the pull fids, they look bloody good! I've just started playing around with different ropes and learning to splice too. I find it somewhat relaxing despite the challenging nature out can sometimes bring. I just started out with 6mm dyneema, uncovered, so nice and easy, and like you made my own fid from a bic ball point pen with the top cut off. Worked a treat. Have now got to the stage you're at with a 10mm double braid eye splice.
  15. I can tell you from first hand experience that an 830 with a lifting keel up will very easily roll over with a little weight to the top of the rig.... will try to find the photos so you can all have a laugh
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