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  1. As FLC said above, at Weiti you go on a waiting list to get a pile mooring. Current wait time is approx 3 years and growing. Sublets are currently at a minimum, possibly only a couple at the moment. The club however is great, good facilities, hardstand etc and a beautiful spot to boot. A Tracker could probably get out of the river an hour and a half either side of low tide.
  2. +1 on the fan heaters Frank. I had 1 in the boat and 2 others in the shed. They were just enough to take the chill out of the air. Have seen others (in other painting situations) using lpg or diesel heaters. While these warm up the air they also put a sh*t load of moisture in the air, ultimately slowing down the curing process.
  3. Looking good IT. Mine is still shrinking back after 6 weeks - I'm really happy with the finish now. Will pop down for a look next time I feel the need to throw more money away at Burnsco
  4. So yesterday Cheapy was finally put back in her happy place, Yes, she's wet again. Not quite complete but a couple of days of reinstalling fittings and a couple of weekends to paint the rig and she'll be good as new. Few shots from the last couple of days.
  5. BTW if the above-mentioned on my painting reads a little like an advertisement for Altex, it wasn't intended. I initially was going to use International Perfection but my final decision was based on budget, and advice from those who have used both products in similar wintery conditions.
  6. Hi K88, I used west Systems epoxy with various powders for filling and fairing, and Upol Dolphin Glaze for minor pin holes etc. I sanded the gelcoat back using orbital or hand sanding with 60 and 80grit. Applied first coat of Epoxy undercoat and when fully cured, sanded with 180grit. Applied second epoxy undercoat and again sanded with 180grit. For my epoxy undercoats I used Durepox (with 10% thinner), in hindsight I would use a hi build epoxy from Altex and I probably would have got away with 1 coat. Altex Polyurethane undercoat was then applied (with 10% thinner) and when cured this was sand
  7. She hasn't decided whether she wants a divorce or to burn the boat to the ground work in progress I guess
  8. Pretty happy with how she looks in natural light.
  9. Will be spending the next week or so fitting hatches, port lights, electrics etc. Will post a few pics once she's out of the shed.
  10. Windows in today, coving tomorrow.
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