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  1. Hi crew Just looking to book a cat 3 inspection for the coastal, I have the list of inspectors but before I start calling them randomly can anyone recommend an inspector based on or near the peninsula? Thanks
  2. I don’t have the time either but she was a good buy at the right moment despite the aged interior/biscuit coloured exterior ???? Things got pretty medieval today...
  3. A couple of weekends work: Sold my 830 Shapeshifter and helped pack her up for a trip to Nelson, drove up to Whangarei and bought a replacement 930, sailed her back to Whangaparaoa, did a race, and started scraping/heating/grinding and sanding the horrible textured feature coating off the saloon ceiling/sides/under decks surfaces. Oh and I need to get it all finished by this weekends SSANZ race ????
  4. I’m doing it on my 930. Will be one way as boat staying up there for Xmas cruise and bay week, currently have no bowman signed up, what do you weigh, what do you drink and how good are you at drinking it?
  5. Bring her out for the Anzac Shorthaul? At least 2 other 830's will be there
  6. Yeah man If you look under the base of the wand unit you may still be able to make out Noah's signature
  7. Weird situation but when we launched Shapeshifter Dec 2015 she had a full compliment of brand new in box (but 20+ year old) Navman 3100 Speed, Depth, Wind and repeater instruments fitted. Sometime last year the anemometer shed its measuring spoons, and I am unable to source replacements. There's a hopeful bugger on trademe wanting $450 for a mast head transducer set but I was wondering if anyone here has and old setup gathering dust at home they'd be willing to part with or part out? Cheers!
  8. As long as your nuts don't get anywhere near me I think I should survive Jon Got the new rig Meister just not sure if we will have the money for sails in time
  9. I had the old "Hot Shower" thing suggested to me about 30 years ago after a hard days hay baling. Being a townie I fell for it, and have since that day only ever used cold water to remove itchy scratchy irritants from the skin! Got in a bit of trouble over the Xmas break when Mrs FLC discovered a thin yet evenly spread film of carbon dust which had found its way onto the WC seat, using a sensitive device for measuring such things. I didn't have the balls to suggest a quick bottomless plunge over the side...
  10. Shapeshifter keen to have a crack at the Shorthaul. My crew has already booked his leave pass and we've just about gotten over having our asses handed to us in the 2016 Triple Series
  11. Coming home from the Barrier last month. Great to finally have an Autohelm after 2 years!
  12. Depends on where you apply it. When I say it doesn't burn through you skin I mean it doesn't do it straight away. Let's say somebody who has used it a bit - we'll call him Nigel, was applying the stripper and unknowingly got a bit on his hand... Then went for a number one and transferred said Stripper to Little Nigel before resuming the job... Well he is going to find himself with a bit of a tingling sensation in his downstairs operation after a few minutes which would require a quick dousing with water to said area before resuming life in relative comfort. Hypothetically of course, all char
  13. Ha ha laquers... Blaaardy predictive text ????
  14. Certainly does. It was formulated to spray onto old weatherboard villas through an airless, cover in masking film and walk away for a day or three. As long as it is kept moist it keeps working so will chew its way through many layers. I was working for Paint + when it was developed and did a lot of Beta testing including stripping my 68 Falcon back to bare steel. That thing has enamels, lawyers and epoxy on it and the stripper worked.
  15. Little Ripper Environmentally safe stripper similar to 'Sea to Sky' Slow acting, doesn't fizz up and let the paint harden up before you can get it off like most others. It doesn't have hydrogen peroxide in it so doesn't burn straight through your skin like most. Get it from Paint Plus, Glenfield. Joel there sails on my yacht and will look after you. Google it for more info
  16. Saw Maara strobe waaaaay before Bean Rock light. For a long while we debated wether or not Bean Rock actually had a functioning light anymore, such was the light pollution from behind. We knew there was a marker post to the North of the lighthouse but didn't realise it was unlit. Not being used to sailing in that area I was surprised to see boats leaving Bean Rock to starboard? Didn't think you could, better have a look at the charts ha ha
  17. Busted the beak off one end of the pole on Saturday, and now note the other end has been welded up so I'm guessing it's not the poles first rodeo. O.D of the fitting looks to be approx 45.69mm I'm hoping not to have to go new as my aim is to build a nice new carbon one soon. 022 044 9171 cheers
  18. We started on time but noticed the second batten missing when we hoisted the main. Must have shook out in the first race as we haven't looked at boat since then. Broke a parrot beak on the kite pole not long after hoisting at Rangi light, in the middle of a decent squall/knock, So two sailed most of the way to Haystack before growing a pair and putting up the code zero/screecher as we'd never hoisted it before- by which time it had lightened off and most everyone had gone kite. Dropped that and went Gennaker which we carried to Shearers. Not a bad rounding and kept company with our fleet and a
  19. We were there early enough to make it easy but due to the 0445 low there wasn't enough water over the bar between the wave crests to make getting out viable! You guys must have been flying - well done just forget about us next time and knock that Elliott off the top spot
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