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  1. TonyB

    Blue lights

    I use a deck level solar light but it’s a powerful one that lights up the deck and looks brighter than many that are wired in. I understand that the cheap dull ones are inadequate but it seems that a nice bright solar light is a good way to go?
  2. TonyB

    Engine in gear?

    It's a Yanmar 2GM20. I see the manual says the gearbox is constant mesh gear with servo cone clutch if that helps. Gaining another knot in speed sounds quite appealing.... That's got me thinking! But in the meantime, fixed prop remains a bit longer.
  3. Several people I've sailed with tell me I should be putting my engine in reverse gear when sailing to stop the fixed prop from rotating (while in neutral) and creating unnecessary wear. Others say it makes no difference. I'm wondering of this is just over caution or if there is something to it. Any thoughts?
  4. Has anyone got hold of any Corrosion X Max Wax lately? I'm keen to give it a go on my prop. I've been trying to track some down but it seems as scarce as hen's teeth.
  5. Ouch! Thought that might be the case. The boat is in the Tamaki River now, at the Panmure end.
  6. Photos attached: a couple of the compression post. Unfortunately I didn't take a photo of the fractured part as its under the floorboards and it was getting dark. Also a photo of the mast step showing it has compressed down. Used to be raised by about 4 - 5 cm above surrounding deck.
  7. When I bought my Smith 30 (variation of a Easterly 30) a couple of months ago I knew it had some corrosion around the base of the compression post. I cleaned it up and gave it some serious poking and it looked like there was still plenty of wall thickness on the steel pipe. I painted some anti corrosion galvanised paint on and thought it all looked ok. On the recent trip from Opua down to Auckland we were off Whangarei Heads hard on the wind when a particularly strong gust laid the boat over and BANG! The rig shuddered hard and we got the sails down and motored into Urqurharts Bay. Strangely
  8. I wonder if anyone knows anything about this Marauder: http://www.trademe.co.nz/motors/boats-marine/yachts/keeler/auction-832380650.htm I'm looking at Marauders at the moment and there are several for sale on Trade me. Haven't sailed on one but sounds like they would be a good cruising boat.
  9. Interesting comments and in the main pretty helpful, thanks. Yes, I do realise that buying a boat "on the cheap" can be false economy and doesn't take into account maintenance costs. My original post wasn't about "how to get a cheap boat and save money" but more about how to make a realistic but not stupid offer. I have got a better picture from peoples comments about that. I am in contact with the H28 guys and receiving some advice from that quarter. Quite happy to take my time too to get it right - as the intention is to have a long term yacht that we keep looking good. It's heart breaking
  10. Thanks for the advice Kevin. I've looked at six H28s over the last month and have found a huge difference between the boats which have been looked after and the ones (unfortunately the majority it seems) which have run down and then are done up for sale. I've been looking at H28s as the association is really supportive to a new owner and it's an absolute must that my first keeler be something that is reasonably sedate so my partner can enjoy the experience. We've done enough sailing together (in a Noelex 25) to discover she doesn't enjoy a sporty boat when the wind gets up! Speed is not the is
  11. I am going through the process of looking for a first keeler for cruising. I've been told by someone that a rough rule of thumb in today's market is to subtract a third off the asking price to make a reasonable offer (before subtracting for work required). What do others reckon? Any guidance on what is a "fair offer"?
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