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  1. When Aztec was lost in the Welly to Gisborne race, it was a flare that attracted the attention of another competitor, who arrived in time to rescue the crew as the yacht went down.
  2. Doesn't seem too harsh to me - speeding is a big problem in the Sounds, and the requirement is only to carry the life jackets. Mind you, I'd be a bit pissed if I got a ticket for not having a lifey in the dinghy while rowing the stern line 10m to the shore.
  3. fng I think your message box is full, or settings are preventing messages
  4. that would be a good start thanks - I can at least get the barn door fair to original, eh
  5. The 'ship is going to get a bottom birthday and while I'm at it I'm thinking to tidy up the rudder and try and get rid of the hummmmm. The rudder is still the original plank, but now stood up perpendicular (rather than following transom line). So I have to cut off the bottom to level with waterline, but I'd like to make sure the profile is good too. What's the appropriate profile for a rudder on a turbo'd 930?
  6. Well, it was blowing cats off chains that night I passed it on the way to the airport Friday morning - tide was up and it didn't look too bad at that point. When I saw the video from later that day it was ugly. I guess as the tide went out it became more parked. Very sad, must be heartbreaking for the owner.
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    I vaguely recall the story of the loss of the Aztech on the Wellington-Gisborne Race years back, the sinking yacht let off flares and that's all that alerted the yacht that rescued the crew.
  8. The wheel is 7cm diameter Weighs 419 grams - I guess that's a lot on the end of a javelin prod Rum would do it, but you're welcome to try it first Another photo with an old school film can for size
  9. This is why I got a DSC VHF and programmed my MMSI number and those for my friends - I can turn the volume down to zero and still be alerted when a friend is trying to get me (poor cell phone coverage areas). They've selected the channel they want to talk on, so the radio has switched to that channel and sounds a call alarm - that way we don't even add to the noise on the calling channel/s (like 16, 63, etc)
  10. A couple of years back we were on a mooring and there was big forecast (Predict Wind had run out of colours). There was a little fizzy in the bay too, nice couple. They decided to tie up to a jetty and they tied it and tied it and tied it - a sky crane could've ripped the jetty out of the ground by pulling on the boat. After the blow they eventually got themselves untied and left the bay. Then we heard them make a TR - they were towing the boat from Picton to Havelock, by road
  11. Agree it's easier to minimise consumption. On that point, figure how much you need in the fridge and whether you need to freeze or just keep cool and size accordingly. Don't get one of those thermoelectric coolers that also warms - they absolutely kill the battery. What you need is compressor fridge, like Waeco/Dometic or Engel. Looking at specs of the Waeco CFX 35 it says So that's something like 8 - 16 Ah in a 24hr period - which should be easily replenished by a 80-100W solar panel on a normal day. Yeah, a panel that size is big, but I had no problem mounting it on a rail (for
  12. I have a spare one of these little furlers. You run a continuous line through it. Attaches to the tack, the sail needs a non twisting tape in the luff, and a swivel at the top. I used on a Fractional Zero on a R930 but it was a little small.
  13. This seems like a good opportunity for the Great Crew Eelsnot Trial. Suggest two boats with same antifoul applied at similar time (eg within a month of each other) and which are moored in same place. Lift and clean both boats. Apply snot to one. Put them both back in. Wait one month then inspect.
  14. I use black Trilux on the 'ship which also has that 'intertidal' problem. Works for me.
  15. Hi Shane You might get better interest if you give some details of the boat and your experience and the skill level of crew you are looking for Bob
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    My pet hate

    here's my pirate flag some people find it offensive
  17. drbob

    Keel upgrade

    Realised I didn't close the loop on this one. Airship keel upgrade is complete and we've sailed four race days on it with great results. What a difference! Photos of the job are here: https://www.facebook.com/AirshipR930
  18. The other thing that's primo is that ring thing you see on the stove. It's an oven There's a lid that fits over it all, to cover the hole as well, so the heat from the stove heats from underneath and also up through the hole to heat the top of the food. Works a treat on the little alcohol stove. That's home made bread baked in there - en route to the Nelson Regatta. I just remembered what it's called, or the brand anyway - Omnia: http://theboatgalley.com/omnia-stove-top-baking-oven/
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