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  1. Big windows and no easy way to fit permanent storm shutters. New boat is alloy, the other a catamaran with some windows with curves in them.
  2. Thanks. Wireless nation and a booster it is. I have a skyroam for international business travel (remember that?) which works a treat by picking up any network at all, similar to wireless nation I think.
  3. Do any of them make a worthwhile difference? Tauranga to North Cape is the usual cruising area.
  4. My boat won't pass the new rules. Nor would the one we circumnavigated in. However I would be reluctant to go through any documentation process for the sole reason of avoiding a safety inspection or requirement. That would open a huge can of worms for any insurance claim or third party liability should something go wrong.
  5. Sail World W. But you may have better sources Union Jack Match The suggestion of a single Challenger Defence against INEOS Team UK to be sailed in Southern England got some airplay in the latter stages of the 36th Match. For it happen it would seem there would need to be an agreement between the two teams that the 38th Match would have to be sailed in Auckland, as there seems to be little point in running a short-cycled match when there would normally be a three to four year interval. Of course, there is the prospect that if the Brits pulled off a fairytale win, that the Kiwis w
  6. And China have lifted 200 million plus out of poverty in a generation. Never happened before. Ever. Good and bad in all systems. Back to the cup. Is the one off regatta in Cowes and the next one back in Auckland no matter who won still on the table? I quite liked that idea.
  7. darkside

    What if...?

    Usually keep our boat in HMB. Currently in a shed in Mt Maunganui and we won't take it to Auckland this summer. Too much risk of no boating at all if we did. I assume Mercurys to Tutukaka non stop would be OK with the current levels?
  8. darkside

    What if...?

    Only boated at N59 once and it was like this
  9. Electric boats in the right application are quite doable, even for heavy cargo. You just have to think about how to achieve it. https://newatlas.com/marine/zero-emissions-services-freight-batteries-swappable-containers/?utm_source=New Atlas Subscribers&utm_campaign=52d0840bc8-EMAIL_CAMPAIGN_2021_09_07_08_02&utm_medium=email&utm_term=0_65b67362bd-52d0840bc8-76685595&fbclid=IwAR3GAu2OwTuzId-TuTm3ytLtB8VRnrLa9b_fC4PJlpD_-6CXCJ-8vR86Y7M
  10. So hydro down means coal up? I don't think any dams have collapsed so I assume just less rainfall where it matters.
  11. Sounds like a design flaw IT. The twin rudders should be directly behind the keels, assuming you have the correct number of hulls. Combining this thread with the one that has evolved into a Cat 1 discussion, we had one inspector who demanded we lift the boat so he could check the keels were bonded well to the hull with no sign of cracking at the joint. I argued the keels were designed to be sacrificial but that made no difference. We found another Cat 1 inspector.
  12. Been diving out there for over 40 years. The fall off in numbers at Opito Bay has been very fast. Five years ago they were everywhere. All is not lost as Scallops do move around a bit. Tryphena was brilliant then empty and now quite good again. Absolutely support giving them a break.
  13. That's interesting, just had some alloy cleats shipped from a friend in Portland. For Yanmar parts the cheapest we found was in Lefkas, at an English owned chandlery. I think they have gone now. There is some automotive crossover with Yanmar, The 3JH2E starter motor is Mazda for example.
  14. 10 boats anchored out is a quiet day for Tauranga. 18 was a recent peak. The seiners are also working in really close at present, only a couple of miles out from our house
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