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  1. This was track was on a jet boat doing about 6kn. Aiming East no problem, heading down to Spirits Bay and no progress at all.
  2. So is a forecast for light winds for LR. If it was forecast 18kn over the weekend would they be quite so keen?
  3. Go for a snorkel with the schools of 10lb plus snapper and shoals of trevally at the Poor Knights to see how reserves can work. We swam with a turtle there this Christmas for 15 minutes or so which was a first for me in New Zealand. 30 years ago we caught good crays at Waiheke, scallops in Oneroa and there were schools of kingfish at spray rock. It needs a rest for sure.
  4. I've done three trips on the west, three on the east coast. To me if it's a delivery then west coast every time. If you are cruising go east, get yourself to Napier, then relax and enjoy the rest.
  5. I remember the build up to SF and rich mans sport, not interested blah blah blah. Then when it happened interest went through the roof. I watched that one live, one day on the water the rest on Marina Green or thereabouts. Excellent atmosphere and better viewing from the shore. Bermuda was fantastic TV, perhaps the visual sporting event visually I have seen. For this one no idea if it will be worth watching on the water. They will have to keep the spectators a long way back for safety I guess. Will they just use one race course come cup time? If they swap with little notice it w
  6. Shared sh!tless because we are all following?
  7. More likely the Herald got the length of time wrong (no surprise) or they were anchored up for quite a while in a remote area of the Tuamotus before they set off to NZ.
  8. Because 38 miles a day seems quite slow for a 16m
  9. Two months and 18 days from Nuku Hiva? I doubt that.
  10. I was woken up this morning by Orcas having breakfast between the boat and the beach in Tryphena. They didn't attack the boat so we are all good for now.
  11. For the average punter "oh no, we are stuck on our yacht in Fiji" doesn't really invoke the shock and horror needed to get the ruling changed.
  12. Aleana I heard that the Riviera dealers say they could sell as many large models as they could get berths so perhaps it is a blessing?
  13. I guess that's one of the reasons trucks aren't allowed on the clip ons
  14. That's a good effort alright. I think there is a mooring in Deepwater Basin but there may be an out of work tourist boat tied up to it at the moment. Hopefully the fishing guys will help him out.
  15. Quite concerned for this guy. By Monday evening, some large waves were already hitting the southwest of the South Island, with the biggest waves expected by Wednesday evening. By then, the significant wave height at the southwest corner of the South Island is predicted to be above 8 metres high
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