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  1. Yep the west coast of the Red Sea jumped about a mile east/west on Cmap at different zooms. They may have fixed that now as it was a while ago. Vavau used to move about a quarter mile.
  2. It was pretty puffy last night. Anyone seen 100kn peaks in the Gulf before
  3. Sail boat engine revs are constant and hopefully set at the most efficient revs. The gains of hybrid system on a yacht will be less than any machine with variable load and engine revs. The HH has plenty of roof for solar and should sail better than most cats in the light. It might work out OK. I would worry about long term reliability. I see you can get electric sail drives now. For a cat how about one diesel and one electric?
  4. Thick fog in Mahinepua. Like this most of the way from the BOI.
  5. We were out at the Barrier last night. A trailer boat was anchored and diving for crays next to Bowling Alley Bay. Can't imagine how they will achieve anywhere near 100% compliance
  6. Pretty quiet nighy there really. Driving towards Paris this morning there were trees down on the big roads for the first 150km or so. Great to see the respect for sailors in France. Eric Tabarlys home town had a billboard to let you know. Good fleet of mini off shore yachts in Concarneau.
  7. We are hunkered down (ashore) in Concarneau tonight. 93kn is a good breeze alright.
  8. Heading out this evening Dr? A good breeze to check those polars
  9. The coal use reduction is real but..... it's because it rained a lot, which is good for hydro With the coming El Nino it will go back up for sure.
  10. Well actually no. https://www.newsroom.co.nz/coal-use-plummets-to-32-year-low It's a shame there really is no logical "outing" trip for the Daldy like Walter Peak down south for the Earnslaw. Too slow for even Waiheke.
  11. No I don't, that's way too simplistic and not helpful. I want to advance the conversation to the science behind modern farming and to where the answer will probably lie. Find a better way to kill it. Breed something we already have to eat more of it. Introduce something to eat it. GM something we already have to eat more of it. Find some value in it so it's worth harvesting. Much the same as controlling noxious land weeds. Its ongoing work, each weed has a different solution and yep, hand harvesting of the whole plant or at least immature seed head is often the only practical way.
  12. And of course you can. Farming springs to mind which is controlling nature all day long. Stopping nature is also possible if you have the will and the money. Plenty of predator free islands to visit in New Zealand. Everyone said they had no chance with m.bovis but the end seems to be in sight. Caulerpa will be much harder for sure.
  13. So that's game over for single handing. Even for the small vessel commercial guys productivity and overall safety will be worse without proper rest. Are you insured if you don't have a watch keeper?
  14. Kaiarara Bay is our favourite in Fitzroy but I agree it sure can funnel down there in anything with East in it. Forestry is much better in that sector. Sounds like a nerve wracking couple of days.
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