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  1. Did the same thing with a driftwood branch coming up west coast on a paddle boat. It took about three knots off boat speed and increased fuel burn a lot. Dived to pull it off at anchor in Spirits Bay. Surprisingly small branch.
  2. Coming back from Mayor this morning in lumpy seas at around 20kn.
  3. Hydrogen fuel cells are certainly possible if you are lucky enough to have the rate payers picking up the tab. No one else in their right mind would.
  4. Spare Etruck battery takes 2 hours to charge, Fonterra was quoting a small charger. Range becomes way less relevant with 6 minute swaps. Not many can afford the costs of hydrogen without huge taxpayer support, much as the sector is getting now.
  5. Except that it's a battery swap truck. Back on the road in under six minutes, fully charged.
  6. Khayyam those RV prices are in USD. But yes the maritime system is targeting superyachts and commercial vessels
  7. I think at present the maritime version is the same hardware as the business version. Way more expensive. It seems the latest upgrade means no need to drill holes to disable the motors for use on boats. Bridge Marina this morning.
  8. Anyhoo it's real and it's here. There will be lots of them very soon. From opening the box to getting internet is about 5 minutes. Is it a good thing? I'm a bit with BP here, go sailing and switch off. But for now it will mean I can spend more days on the boat so I'll take that. We are planning an around NZ this summer so that will be a good test.
  9. Yes I am aware. But internet is available today, on boats at faster speeds than the fibre coming into our house, unlimited, for $250 a month. We have Starlink RV. There are a lot of videos on YouTube showing how to disable the motors for more stable reception underway and at anchor. Not sure that the gears failing is a problem at all. Apparently if you leave it for a while the dishy just gives up hunting and goes back to flat
  10. Plenty of people using it on boats at anchor. Plenty of people using it on boats underway. It is geo fenced in parts of the States but not here it seems. Mine is installed and up an running. The FB group Starlink on Boats is a good source of info.
  11. We were in Ketchikan at the end of the 2018 R2AK. Had a chat to a few of the kayakers. One of the considerations was camping were the bears aren't. Timing the floods and ebbs is a big part of that race.
  12. Yep they did. Pretty sure Glenn and Judy overwintered on the the Seine in Paris, snow on the decks and all. The night the picture was taken the French yacht in front of them dragged them down onto the reef just out of picture to the left. With the help of all the Kiwis and Aussie yachties nearby, some ones thumping big kedge anchor, our spare anchor warp, a few guys on the boom etc, they got off with only a few scratches on the keel and a bit of paint off. So lucky.
  13. Candidus anchored in front of us at Tobago Cays.
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