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  1. Yep they did. Pretty sure Glenn and Judy overwintered on the the Seine in Paris, snow on the decks and all. The night the picture was taken the French yacht in front of them dragged them down onto the reef just out of picture to the left. With the help of all the Kiwis and Aussie yachties nearby, some ones thumping big kedge anchor, our spare anchor warp, a few guys on the boom etc, they got off with only a few scratches on the keel and a bit of paint off. So lucky.
  2. Candidus anchored in front of us at Tobago Cays.
  3. Any squadron members on here prepared to comment if they are happy/not happy? To me Dalton is aware his teams biggest asset is the hosting rights and he sold them. But the NZYS had to let him do that I assume.
  4. Building a boat with an lpg oven at present. The builders say never again. Too hard to get someone to sign off gas now so electric only in the future.
  5. Unbelievable condition. It looks like the helm may still work.
  6. I swam with a completely unafraid turtle at the Poor Knights last summer. Came up to within a meter of me before diving.
  7. Perhaps they drag too much to qualify as permanent?
  8. Have to be careful what you wish for. My guess next time we have a tsunami alert no one will allowed within cooee of Tutukaka marina until all back to normal
  9. I heard a report that the warning system we have is way better at earthquake generated tsunami than volcano generated. No idea why. In this case the early reports from Tonga and Fiji should have given them a clue. I agree with Psyche in this case with a warning the only real option is to put to sea so not realistic for many. Wheels I'm not sure about the Japanese tsunami being short range. I saw the damage in Crescent City marina after that one.
  10. Good one. Hope the survey goes well for you.
  11. Just buy it. We circumnavigated a 46' Grainger a while ago and that looks a good deal to me.
  12. I see Dalton claiming in the Herald that ETNZ may have to go into liquidation if forced to defend here in New Zealand. Perhaps that could be a good pathway to hand over the ETNZ assets at a realistic value to some group that wants the next cup sailed in Auckland?
  13. I subscribe to Yachting World. I like their balance, innovative boats, the historical cruising reports and straight out practical Skip Novak.
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