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  1. So that's game over for single handing. Even for the small vessel commercial guys productivity and overall safety will be worse without proper rest. Are you insured if you don't have a watch keeper?
  2. Kaiarara Bay is our favourite in Fitzroy but I agree it sure can funnel down there in anything with East in it. Forestry is much better in that sector. Sounds like a nerve wracking couple of days.
  3. Great to see him safe. That's some rescue
  4. I prefer west as well heading south. Once clear of Maria van Diemen happy days. Last run to Nelson was in December. That said we left Oban a couple of hours ago and are heading up the east coast back to Auckland
  5. Pleasant enough in Port Pegasus
  6. We are in Fiordland this summer. Bugger all recreational fishermen and let me say plenty of fish. We saw free jumping bluefin north of Milford. Last time I saw free jumping tuna in the north island was off Whakatane in the late 90s (yellowfin). The recreational pressure from Tauranga north is just too much for the fishery to sustain.
  7. We tied our valise under the saloon table (bridge deck catamaran) That was fine until it inflated itself while we were out for a meal (Menorca) and it more or less filled the cabin
  8. Thanks and yes both those guides are near the helm We did a Pure Salt/Flightless charter last year in Dusky and are really keen to explore on our own boat.
  9. Thanks, got a response overnight from the ranger and all good at Doubtful. Fiordland Lobster saying Milford diesel only for commercial operators but we will see.
  10. On our way around NZ. Sitting at D'Urville Island in the rain at the moment. Does anyone have recent experience buying diesel in Fiordland? Thanks
  11. All fun and games until they take a dump in your cockpit
  12. Did the same thing with a driftwood branch coming up west coast on a paddle boat. It took about three knots off boat speed and increased fuel burn a lot. Dived to pull it off at anchor in Spirits Bay. Surprisingly small branch.
  13. Coming back from Mayor this morning in lumpy seas at around 20kn.
  14. Hydrogen fuel cells are certainly possible if you are lucky enough to have the rate payers picking up the tab. No one else in their right mind would.
  15. Spare Etruck battery takes 2 hours to charge, Fonterra was quoting a small charger. Range becomes way less relevant with 6 minute swaps. Not many can afford the costs of hydrogen without huge taxpayer support, much as the sector is getting now.
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