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  1. For bonus question 1 I'd say IRC is be the answer. Let's face it the 930 gets caned on IRC compared with some other designs, but between boats of the same design IRC should account for the differences in spars, fins and foils. So, my suggestion for reinvention of the 930 class is to confirm a strict rule about the hull shape but have either anything goes or a simple max/min approach for the rest, and score the race on line and IRC. The cert will cost, from memory, less than 3 boat dollars a year.
  2. Maxed at 19.4 so I'm chasing that 20 too.
  3. I think this is the 'class' keel with small bulb - sorry about the angle of the shot. In profile looks more like the Reptile's, perhaps a bit longer. Did some fairing on it recently and it seems it's lead all the way up to the deadwood about three inches from the hull join. Surely still tender and does benefit from stacking the rail in a blow. Seems to me to track better upwind in a blow than the narrow fin on Testarossa, but Mr R Snr might have a different view. Prod reports are true - 2m fixed prod is attached to pulpit base. Self-tacker has been removed (but reserved in case
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