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  1. I lodge TR's with CG everytime we go out over the bar. I often don't bother when we are just out for a harbour sail. So once out there (over the bar), I stay in contact with CG, changing channels as we sail up or down the coast. Last Feb, we sailed to GBI. I logged in and out with Waihi Beach, Whangamata, and Whitianga, and then in with Emi at GBI radio. When we left GBI, we logged out with Emi, but did not bother with logging in with Auckland. Three days later, I had a call on my cell from CG asking where we were. Someone had started a check to see were we where. It seems it was someo
  2. We watched about a 9m bridge cat swingng about on its anchor in the cove at GMI New Years Eve. The skipper of the neighbouring cat was concerned it was going to drag and hit him, so came across to Pulse to get some help to sort the problem. Mr DT (previously Two2Tango) accompanied him to the offending vessel, where they weighed the small plough anchor on the end of just over 1m of chain, and attempted to re-anchor. The thing wouldn't steer into the wind (over 30kts), so they ended up tying her up to one of the house boats. Thing is, they had left their boat unattended, rudders down (th
  3. Oh wow Wheels - what a journey! So glad you all made it home safe.
  4. Is Whangamata becoming the new Multihull vortex. I know it has a long way to go to beat Ostend, but . . . Last year, when we stopped over at Whangamata on our way home, we saw Twisted Sisters in a sad state in the Whanga Harbour. This year, on our way home from the New Years Multi get together at the Cove GMI, we saw her still there. The hole in her stern has now been patched with duct tape. She has no outboard, no sails, no centre boards, no rudder, but she does have a decent mussel farm on her. Does anyone know what is going on with her? She was for sale a few years ago,
  5. LOL - I will keep eyes peeled for you overhead soon before 8am then . . .
  6. What time you flying over SD?
  7. Very true Tim. With racing so competitive, many boats are slimmed down so much to try to get a competitive edge, that cruising becomes a non-option. After 14 days away on the Offender, I proved it can be done on a once racer. Admittedly, we lost about 1-2kts of speed having her loaded up for cruising. But how many peeps can carry food and water for 14 days, and still go racing?
  8. Megwyn

    Cyclone Pam

    It is a terrible thing to see the photo of Timberwolf up against the bridge. My heart really goes out to Tim. We seem to have got off lightly here. Easterlies don't pose much of a problem in the estuary where the Offender lives, she is fine this morning. But low tide looked like a mid-tide. It will be interesting to see the beach at high tide today.
  9. Megwyn


    Cat, or Tri? http://www.trademe.co.nz/Browse/Listing ... &district=
  10. Sooo, do you have to leave it outside in the Sun all the time??? LOL Wheels Apparently the 'solar' just means they are very energy efficient.
  11. I was wondering if anyone could tell me what these were like? http://www.trademe.co.nz/Browse/Listing ... =673700828 I cannot find a review for them anywhere. Wheels - your solution sounds great, but I need 12v. I am sick of having the ice melt before it gets in my rum! M
  12. It was all on this weekend. And we just happened to be out on the water as we saw the boys come through. So I just had to get out my camera and take a few shots . . .
  13. How come? ETNZ were to have the port entry for race 16 and 17. Now it is Oracle with port entry for race 17?
  14. Oh Wow Greg - so very well done indeed. Congratulations buddy on getting her wet! Sounds like she is going to go a beauty! I am just so stoked for you, I am getting all teary eyed . . .
  15. Hi everyone!!!!! Himself has deemed that I can have a new camera for my big 0 birthday - but first I have to sell my old faithful. So here she is: http://www.trademe.co.nz/electronics-ph ... 280655.htm Thanks M
  16. Isn't Lithium a blue pill? You could always call it Cialis - always ready when you are.
  17. We went sailing again yesterday. The boat has been sitting down at the domain for a couple of weeks, drying out for 18 hours a day. All that black slime dried and fell off. Saved us heaps of elbow grease. Yesterday morning Himself went down at high tide to return her to the mooring, and us girls (my lovely daughter and I) met him and the young fella there about an hour later. The boys were ready, so when Lynx's crew turned up and told us the Kahawai were schooling outside, we were ready to rumble. Or so I thought. “Talie, can you get the chartplotter for us hun?” “It's not
  18. Charged with assisting where possible to ensure a safe passage for the Tauranga Vikings on their small multis, and reporting on the Tauranga to Athenree part of the Matakana Raid, we dropped Repeat Offenders mooring on Friday morning. We being myself and Mr ColdplayTga. After a late getaway, we slipped south towards the wires right on high tide, racing to get through before the outgoing tide could catch us in a very embarrassing situation. We had a good breeze – up to 25kts – on the nose, making forward motion difficult without a rudder as we traversed the shallowest parts of the harbour.
  19. The rampaging squadron of small multihull sailors from Tauranga once again took to the high seas to execute a well planned raid on Athenree. The unsuspecting citizens of the small seaside village were surprised to find their sleepy village overrun by big noisy rum swilling, beer drinking Vikings on Saturday afternoon. Ten small catamarans - Five tornados, Three Hobies, a modified A Class and a Coldplay, with Double Diamond (Given 10.6 Catamaran) and Repeat Offender (9m JT Tri), got off to a slow start Saturday morning when the starting hooter finally discharged 20 minutes late. Pussy Cat
  20. That's as bad a putting coke in your Mt Gay! Sacrilege!
  21. One might ask "How do you know?" But I don't think I want to know!
  22. My god Mr Ogre - that is really radical - even for you. Wow - AA - Ummm - what can I say? No wonder you are beating your head against a brick wall . . .
  23. I think he is telling them to feck off - he is making the noise right beside the motor! He he he - very clever imitation!
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