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  1. hey whoever brought these were they completing a collection or needed the whole lot? reason i ask is that i am short of a few copies, and if they had double ups would love to buy to complete my collection thanks
  2. hey boatworks - any luck yet please?
  3. thanks promise a very good home!
  4. would you be willing to part with them? thanks
  5. Hey very keen please let me know
  6. Hi there Anyone got any sailing new zealand magazines? Thanks
  7. Phil

    Model yachts

    Thanks Motorbike. Look forward to your reply
  8. Phil

    Model yachts

    Wow. Thanks. Do you know if he has any glass hulls he wants to part with? Thanks again
  9. Phil

    Model yachts

    Hi Does anyone have any model yachts (anything) lying around they wish to part with? Or does anyone know of any moulds out there for any? Have seen a few scale designs such as a Stewart 34 and cav 39, but they are really rare to come across. I know there was a guy on here who had done a townson design rc model, and it was absolutely beautiful. Would love to do something similar. Also, if anyone knows of any electrons available to purchase, please let me know. Thanks
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