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  1. Back on with the yellow shorts should do it.
  2. So long as the one behind got no closer to the one in front than 2 metres LOL
  3. Brien

    SSANZ Race D

    Final word he aha te koroke o tatou
  4. There are some really bad writers in the marine field but this is so bad it's actually funny I'll have what writer is on.Bought tears to my eyes.
  5. I still have an offshore set Of PVC purchased for a Noumea Race 1984 hanging in my garage. Looks OK but last time I tried it on it had shrunk too.
  6. Until I cleaned my glasses I thought you were only allowing fully waxed on board Yikes
  7. Like it! You could use Guitar Man too.
  8. This is a useful reference on the web https://www.permabond.com/resource-center/bonding-acrylic-industrial-adhesive/
  9. https://www.nbcolympics.com/schedule/sport/sailing This looks ok. You may be able to stream from here?
  10. My apologies. I was refering to elevation of vessel in previous post.
  11. Wow that is very cool stuff
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