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  1. Wow that is very cool stuff
  2. Me too and I have managed to get there a couple of times a year for the last 10. Was around the back when the lock down dropped so had to scuttle back to Whangamata. We go March and June if you want to join a loose group. Oh by the way I have gone to that dark side so mostly on a Salthouse 35 these days. Almost a proper boat. LOL
  3. Scuttlebutt reports postponement this morning. (It is April 01 in USA)
  4. Gt Barrier Radio channel 1 vhf. This is a private radio operated by Emmy and has coverage over most of the island. Annual subscription $90.00
  5. Great footage. Thanks for sharing.
  6. A marina full of sea lions could slow Panuku's development plans down.
  7. Its also possible water from two colliding waves fell onto the deck or cabin top. I have experienced this and it was a massive force. Modern rounded decks and cabin tops are quite flexible.
  8. Try vinegar. It removes epoxy from hands so might work. If you try it let us know how it goes.
  9. Brien

    A new seal

    Interesting, I don't usually listen to "pod casts " not trying to denigrate anyone, but it came over to me as some sort of advertorial to me. Haven't quite figured out quite what for.
  10. Thanks DIEurope. For fowarding on good series of lucid lessons.
  11. Brien

    Anchor chain

    Go On, its only 20:30 here in Aussie at present
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