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  1. https://www.trademe.co.nz/Browse/Listing.aspx?id=1489972768&ed=true Im selling my 2006 8hp Yamaha if anyone needs one.
  2. I need a new prop for my boat and this post pretty much summed up the information I needed thanks. Also all the other contributions to this thread, excellent thanks. I will post my results soon
  3. Do you remember what wind direction it was? I would have thought it would be sheltered
  4. I have been up on a runabout and it seemed like taking the tri would be no drama but I wasn't paying much attention to cable etc so guess I'm just checking the heights etc are ok... Also how much tide/current is there and is ok to anchor near riverhead pub? I'm not keen on putting the boat on the jetty
  5. Did this ever happen? I'm planning on taking my wife and kids for a cruise to Riverhead at some stage.
  6. I did the beams and cabinside with International Perfection and it was super easy to get at good finish and its very hard durable paint. The biggest challenge is keeping the dust off it as it stays tacky for ages.
  7. http://www.aucklandregatta.co.nz/#!entries/c1qka so far the 8.5 class is the 2nd largest division. who is still to enter? where are the handicaps?
  8. not sure if this counts as old but it seems a long time ago! Stealth Mission, 2010, (nephew inside)
  9. I just entered, cant wait to get out there, Its lining up to be a great event, solid entries so far and a lot more to come!
  10. I send the bowman up as I hate going up on the old bit of 8mm Sun-damaged chafed polyester... (kite Halyard).... and a clutch that slips...... Also im now 100kg so I cant climb and no one wants to winch me up.... But on a more serious note you can borrow my new bosuns chair anytime just PM me. Cheers Sam
  11. You mean together but separate starts right? Yes please. The more w/l the better for me. My crew virtually refuse to do harbor courses reaching up the ditch sucks
  12. I think that would be very considerate of you. Surely she'd be happy? Im keen to do simrad. But cant do simrad and winter series. I am thinking simrad and winter series w\l days....
  13. Last? Commodore's cup race... Im Keen if the weather looks good.
  14. Whos doing it? Whos keen on more than two windward leeward days? currently scheduled for race day 3 and 7. I would rather do every second race day being w/l as you get more races in. (like the Y88s) thoughts?
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