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  1. My uncle also built his own amphibious boats back in the 80 as well, not as flash or refined as the sealegs but more fun. bill Gibbs brought a few of them back then too.... https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tj2iVNuqU1Q https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tj2iVNuqU1Q
  2. Ed on Charleston just we used a homade setup like the attached pic, of course to get max hoist you need a rebate in the head board, on the new boat I am useing a simple soft whichard block. https://marine.wichard.com/fiche-A|WICHARD|21104-0201010000000000-ME.html
  3. What about Te Kooti, the Simpson cat advertised to Trademe at mo, bit more expensive but looks more setup for cruising - semi comfortable inside. Won't measure as an 8.5 thou with 14 m air draft. But positive of rig is that you can comfortably sail on light days. Think it has done a bit of racing as well and is no slouch. - Shane B
  4. & imho If it is on a boat that gets regulary dismantled, tramps taken off - then a continous line is best as it is quicker. But prone to chafe & hard to get tight. If you do not plan on pulling boat apart then single lashing are better but take a long time. & you can get really tight if you spend time & will last longer as there is no movment. Cheers Shane
  5. Ballystick do you think you could correct the under 10.66 record for multis, should be Attitude not Timberwolf, Cheers Shane
  6. Charleston’s Report – Little Barrier & back Had an OK start with space magically opening up at boat end after Triple 8 & Excess reached off down the line just the before the gun otherwise we looked locked out. Managed to roll over Triple 8 & Excess just before having to tack onto port at Rangi shoreline, dipped a few smaller keelboats to find a clear lane thru the keelboats & flopped back onto starboard to go out thru Motiuhe passage, Excess, Taiping & Triple 8 basically all tacked on our hip. Excess took the low road around the back Mototapu thru the keelboats &
  7. Shane B

    2013 Simrad

    Anybody looking for any crew for any of the simrads? Would be keen to do some as me boats out of action for a bit Cheers Shane 027 7047924
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