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  1. I have the answer, what you need are plastic razor blades. They are magical, you can scrape off almost anything and not damage the surface, then a scrub with citrus cleaner or meths to remove the residue. I buy mine from aliexpress. Not sure who locally sells them. I removed boat window sealant, and even a van roof with baked on vinyl wrap.
  2. Hi, Don't know the best tv. I would use raspberry pi (good because 5 volts) with kodi installed for the media player, plug in an external hdd for the media. the usb dongles don't have as good signal as a inbuilt freeview tv, I would try for a 12v tv somewhere.
  3. Hi, Anyone seen a composite gas bottle for sale in nz? seem like a good option for marine, not too expensive, but cannot find anyone here that sells them. http://www.southernseasmarine.com.au/composite-gas-bottle-cylinder
  4. Everyone who cruises should have a solar setup for sure. I'm the same, everything led, blast the stereo, and know the batteries wont be going flat. Not that expensive, considering what some of the prices you pay for boat stuff. Fridge is only thing have to worry about, but usually have to motor every so often for a bit, so only problem if fridge on for a few days without motoring.
  5. I must say got a fair bit of input from my questions. I have made a decision not to furl at the moment. I spoke to a sailmaker about converting a number 1 genoa, he said you would convert the number 2, a number one would be saggy and what not, like people are saying. So I would have a number 2 max, dropping my speed in lighter winds. And any partly furled sail will perform worse. I think furler only good for a big boat where you cannot handle the sails and you wont notice much of a speed drop. I think I will just have to get better at hanking in rough weather, or learn to read the wea
  6. Useless when partly furled? I'm not experienced, I've never used a furler. Almost every single boat I see has a furling headsail, they can't be that bad partly furled? What do all these other people do when the wind gets too strong? Have a storm jib that fits on the furler and change it? They just loose a lot of performance when they furl? There's no way I can fit another forestay so I can hank on a storm jib, it will get in the way of the furler. I'm not the best with judging the sails and weather, I've had a few troubles changing down sails in rough weather, thought the furler would
  7. I have a large genoa that is in very good condition. Just the hassle of changing sails when conditions change, and also effort in packing up. Pretty hard to fold away a large sail by yourself, I just end up stuffing it away, takes up space too. Thanks for your reply.
  8. Hi, yes I just found a trademe listing for alado and checked out their website. I think this might be a good option, the existing genoa is very good condition, I'll see about getting it modified. Thanks.
  9. Thought I might be able to get a furler for around 1.5k? sail around same? Didn't think of getting head sail modified, I'll look into that. Really don't want to spend much, like you, boat isn't worth that much, but changing sails by yourself is a real pain. There is so many boats with furlers, sure there must be a secondhand one somewhere.
  10. clochmerle

    The good oil.

    I have a bukh also, dv10. I read the manual says sae30, but this is a very old engine, I think oils have come a long way since it was made. I use mobil dieselmax 15/40w, i get it cheap and change often. I think any oil made these days would be better than the old 30w they recommend. By the way if you didn't know the ryco z418 fits the dv10, so don't need to spend heaps on the genuine filter. a mineral oil will degrade and loose it's viscosity over time, a synthetic wont - so for instance the 15/40w will be more consistent over time and not go gluggy and give better protection. I canno
  11. So, I have a spencer 28, and no furler. On a budget, what would be best options? Any recommendations, anyone selling second hand ones? Price ranges? and of course would need a sail to go with it. Any types/brands to avoid? Thanks.
  12. clochmerle

    The good oil.

    Wow a lot of replies for this question. I did some internet research awhile back. 3rd party additives, forget them, don't need them, scam, good brand oils have the additives what you need. Synthetic will not degrade nearly as fast as a full mineral oil, so will offer much better protection as the hours build up. Like everyone says, buy what you can afford - a good brand synthetic would work the best. If you just buy cheaper mineral and change often would probably offer good protection.
  13. Seems like the way to go, doesn't seem like I'd be able to find a new pintle. Have to wait until it's out of the water and get a couple of bushes made then. Thanks for the help.
  14. Hi, I have a spencer28, the rudder has a lot of play, bangs about. The bottom gudeon has quite some wobble in it. Where would I get a replacement? or do people put a bush in there? or drill for a bigger bolt? I'm in auckland, anyone know where to get a replacement gudeon? Thanks, attached a picture..
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