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  1. Thanks Guys will get in contact with Hurricane Rigging! Cheers
  2. Hello I'm looking for someone to go up my mast and collect a skyped halyard and check my anchor light for me. I'm in Waikawa Bay. Happy to pay in $$ or beer! PM me if your ken! Cheers Shane
  3. bit of a long shot I know but I'm looking to rent a big boat (16Meter/24ton) mooring in Lyttelton Harbour if anyone knows of one? Thanks Shane
  4. Heyall! I'm looking for a gas fitter to install a new gas system and a califont on my yacht laying at westhaven. Is there anyone here that can do it or make a recommendation? Please call me on 02 1623903 or PM me here! Thanks SHANE
  5. Hello I'm looking for a gas fitter who can do a simple gas install. I'm looking for new piping to an existing stove and the installation of a new Cali font. Please PM me here Thanks SHANE
  6. Very good question! The boats in Westhaven! SHANE
  7. Hello All, long time! I'm looking for someone competent with diesel engine to help me fix a leak round my governor control on a CAV fuel pump. It looks like a pretty simple fix, however has a few gotcha's and I have a pretty poor track record when it comes to fuel pumps! Happy to pay, cash or trade for IT Services. (I've also got ship loads of teak trim and fishing gear if your interested) PM me here or call/text 021 623903. Cheers SHANE
  8. Gidday I'm looking for a Dinghy & Outboard to use, mainly during the week for the next couple of weeks. Happy to pay or some to a suitable arrangement! PM me here! SHANE
  9. FWIW I had the same stuffing box in my last boat. it was old, worn and hadn't been repacked in years. When the top was twisted and grease injected if the boat was not in use it never dripped. Once used it would drip constantly, cooling the shaft. this is expected behavior. BTW it was a trivial exercise to replace the knob with a propper grease gun located in a convienant location. SHANE
  10. I'm looking for someone to share 1/2 operating costs over the summer, Cetacea is a good solid, if not flash cruising boat, sleeps 5 comfortably with room to move around. She's a 40foot simple to sail, off shore cruiser. not flash but pretty well equipped, VHFs, Radar, EPIRB, AIS Flares etc. pay half expenses and you get to sail her out of West Harbor as arranged. PM me if interested. SHANE
  11. Can't stand apple either (ignore the ipod) I use a Motorola Xoom with Ozi-explorer, works much better and is much more accurate than my onboard GPS. is half the price AND I can watch movies one it! LOVE IT! SHANE
  12. Got a call on Friday and wen't to help the old man paint his living room on saturday. Watched the All Blacks lose! (Geeze Ausy played well!) On sunday installed new Water Witch Bilge pump switch, fixed leeking raw water inlet, adjusted jazy jacks, re-ran windwane lines, rewired secondry Bilge pump, topped up oil and cdolant and drilled drain holes in base of mast! Also found a seized open throughull valve (that I duidn't know existed) that was below the waterline and the pipe had no clamps on it! Managed to get it closed and added to the haul out todo list! went home hap
  13. I got a quote the other day, it was $360ish +GST for a M500. Cheers SHANE
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