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  1. SiFly

    power boats

    I think he means more modern type 40-50 footer. Thanks though
  2. Is there a forum for launches? Was showing a mate this forum and he's more a motor man than sailing as such.
  3. How do people working full time get a pension then?
  4. Sorry! A newbie going the forums.
  5. Asking you again in a year or so..
  6. Thanks Erice - sounds like you were in exactly the same position as me now! I'm going to sell my bike tat doesnt get used much now and use that towards a small trailer sailer and see how I go - good luck with your ventures!
  7. Yes it is but the estuary is usually so cramped what with dinghies boats and surf casters all competing for same spot. Will give them a call tho.
  8. Cheers - that sounds like me. I might flick off an email and see what they can offer. I don't mind paying one-on-one if they offer that or can point me to someone that does. Can anyone advise of potential costs of hiring a small trailer sailor or dinghy to learn in and lesson cost approximations?
  9. So you'd recommend Paremata as opposed to Plimmerton? their website wasn't very helpful (only kids class advertised) so might need to gert in contact. Thanks for your help!
  10. Ah Paramata - true that cheeers! Thats more the thing - once i get used to sailing it then able to have a play then the cup of tea and a lie down or cook something, snooze etc - thanks!
  11. Hi all. I'm based in the Manawatu and have been lurking around here for a few weeks. I'm 46 and despite having never sailed (but plenty of small boat fishing off Foxton etc) sailing seems to appeal to my sometimes solitude lifestyle. 1. Is it too late to learn - being given my goal would be to one day head off to Tonga or Fiji 2. I need to learn, I guess Mana would be my best bet? I think Wanganui only do dinghy type instruction, and while some might suggest that is the best way to start, others say if you want to cruise then go crew or do a course. 3. Any suggestions on boats
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