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  1. Sabre that's what he wants is for you to negotiate ,take the time and fight , or just pay the quoted sum and say no more wich is what I would do after your efforts ,
  2. We were always taught to ware shoes while using electrical tools or stand on wood , use a transformer
  3. Yes least we don't have records with the test tag bunch
  4. If we carry on like scared pussys of every thing that comes with a power lead life will be a bad thing , New Zealand has a set of rules for importers , and manufacturers. To live up to. You can't import for sale in nz with out having certain criterior. So let's move on
  5. Any way as one guy Said to me , the tag is only covers the lead till it leaves his hands after that it's how it's treated
  6. What , all tools sold in nz have to be double insulated I am told to get clearance to go on the market
  7. Agree but new tools ,power tools have to be passed when New before the user gets hold of it , now big New Zealand wants a TAG on it after you buy it to comply with there company's rules ,more cost on the new home
  8. Like what , a new power lead has been tested before it leaves the factory , annoying thing is the day you buy a power lead or a power tool the outer casing starts to shrink and leave exposed cables , that's what the self made test and Tagers look for ,
  9. Yes timber is for me as I can work the stuff and I know what to expect from it and how it lives ,
  10. Myjane


    There is 11 colours but I got white and tinted it to what I felt is ok ,
  11. Myjane

    Prop Speed

    I had one done last year from gh paint outfit. ,they charged $150 to me for a 10 mtr boat prop ,
  12. Chrisc it's bui,t out iron and iron riveted together out of real steel
  13. Bloody hell the worms are out , owned a 32 footer built by Waco up north Treated with all the best treatments of the time faired like a glass boat , about ten years before I brought it and I had to paint it inside and out , and there was rust leaching in the corners and scrapes etc , I didn't really like the steel thing , it has its uses , was hard under foot , noisy under sail , battery's and other metals fight with it , and salt water eventually gets it ,
  14. If you want steel learn about it buy one maintain it , been there done that with the ganley 32 , timber is good keep good ventilation, dry , and good wood lasts longer than steel , you don't find 60 year old steel yachts ,
  15. That boat was left to be in that condition , and if you don't blast it back to bare steel your fooling your self doing diy , old steel turns septic quic, if it's got a bit of rust outside its hell on the inside , it would be quite a job to bring back ,
  16. Myjane


    More nonskid pics
  17. Myjane


    I looked into kiwi grip and I looked at New and old finishes the kw grip goes flat after time cause you use a textured roller to create the look , so it's all paint , this has rubber fines in the paint
  18. Some hatches have the hatch box over the top of the sliding lid so with one of these you can a fix the dodger to and over it The plastic novas did
  19. Why make the hatch permanent once you have the dodger fixed in place you have what you set out to do , keep dry
  20. Myjane


    I came across a paint for the non skid decks. .not liking the Kiwi grip or having the expertise for sand Finnish I found , tredgrip ,, waterbased rubber chips in a can , I already had another rubber base product that was from ados who took it off the market cause health and safety said it was to dangerous to some members of society , quick and easy to apply , I just went over my old Finnish that had lasted 17 years looks great. About $40 a ltr , A & I coatings product in Auckland check it out , I like this chunky look and it is non skid ,
  21. Yes wheels , but I believe nobody should be allowed to sell any thing that needs testing for use , put it back on the retailers to get the tag as we have to , this is this unguided , miss handled self made health and safety bull Sh,,t crowd that save life's or should it be we have stoped being trained , in the art of common fkn scense , , , I think I need a walk , ,,,,,,
  22. I have a silly question , I brought a new 15 mtr power lead of heavy duty size for building work and any other use , boat , etc but it does not have a safety tag , so I have to take it to an electrical outfit to have it cleared for use , well ,
  23. It is an orphan , here and may be hard the get back the investment , I would offer less , the motor is suspect these days so prepare to up grade or mother it , I brought a boat of the 80s and installed a new beta and it changed the boat , and less worries , but check the hull most of all , get a hull survey if worried , but sometimes a boat comes along totally not what you were looking for and it won't go away so that maby the one , it happened to me and I went all out to make it up to date with all mod cons and good paint , and after 18 years of crusing with it I can't look back at the cost j
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