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  1. Here's an example A particular vessel being sold here for $675,000NZD Currently being offered overseas for $447,908NZD $447,908 x 5% = $470,303 $470,303 x 15% = $540,849 MPI costs negligible Savings $134,152NZD
  2. Hello Does anyone know in what order all this charged, I think GST is last? I mean, let's say you paid $200,000 for a boat. Sailed it hear so no shipping costs. $200,000NZD x 1.05 (Duty 5%) = $210,000 $210,000NZD x 1.15 (GST 15%) = $245,100 Plus of course MPI Biosecurity clearance fees which would be taxed as well. If shipped here that would be added to the total cost of the vessel before charges applied.
  3. Wow What a nice organisation, something that seems to be lacking up here in Auckland(from what I've seen) after trying to learn how to sail and take the next step. I hope that people take advantage of this.
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