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  1. Fuel is a bit tricky. There are facilities for the commercial boats - ferry, fishing boats etc. But nothing for recreational boats. I just use jerry cans. Chris Harris is your main contact for marine electrical stuff: http://www.tweedsmarine.nz Not sure re Volvo Service agent. I use Mainland Marine but they are Yanmar - not sure if they cross over, but I am sure they'd be able to advise where to go - talk to Brian Bone https://whitepages.co.nz/w/mainland-marine-engineering-lyttelton/ Oborns is good for boat parts, we also have a Burnsco in Blenheim Rd and Boat Shop in Ferrymead is
  2. Oh and plenty of yacht services available too all mostly in town though, rigging, boat building, Yanmar agent, sail makers etc, you just have to know where to look and happy to point you in the right direction if you need something in particular. Cheers Viki
  3. Hi there, welcome to Lyttelton! My boat is Wildwood, we are on A47 at the moment, but moving to C pier when that gets finished off. What boat are you on? I was down there today and it was freeeeeezing! There are lots of fun sailors and if you are keen to meet some of the locals then you are more than welcome to come along to the Little Ship Club get togethers. We have monthly events including guest speakers, seminars on navigation and splicing, rigging, sails etc, on water raft-ups, cruises around the Peninsula etc. Check out our FB page and the events tab to see what is coming up and if y
  4. I tried the fake owl, and the magpie - I had two of them, nets, flags, plastic bags, buzzing lines, you name it - I tried it. The magnets really do work and I was super skeptical at first as well - but they stopped them coming back and its been over two months now - still no bird sh*t (apart from when I lost one and then they came back) Photo evidence here https://astrolabesailing.com/2017/06/11/how-a-magnet-made-me-the-happiest-girl-in-the-world/
  5. Please let me know how you get on.
  6. Apparently most birds have got their own internal compass for navigating, and the magnets upset this and they don't like it. The instructions say that it might not work on 'navigating' birds - so perhaps kiwis? But I have never had a problem with kiwis pooing on my boat (yet)
  7. Yes not sure re the price - I just know that you need two of them as one does NOT work. They came by standard freight and yes I'd take them off the boat completely when we sail up the coast to avoid any issues with the compass. Sorry to hear you are now the favourite boat BMW56! So unusual that they have just decided to roost on the boats in the last couple of years. I only ever had the odd seagull before then, but now they are a huge issue for everyone in Corsair & Cass Bay. Are you on the Little Ship Club newsletter list? Lots of good cruising events coming up if you are interest
  8. Thanks heaps admin! Yes the bird magnets really do work. I see LooseMoose has put the link to my blog. Happy to answer any questions. I was very skeptical at first - but a complete convert now. They are expensive but well worth it (I was about ready to pay ANYTHING to get rid of the little b@$tards)
  9. Yes that is it. I can't seem to post at the moment though - need a moderator to approve me
  10. Oh yes I can tell you ALL about everything I have tried to get rid of the birds on my boat (swallows) But I have found the solution! As wheels says - Magnets are the way to go. Here is some info about them Expensive but sooooo worth it. I was getting desperate. And if you give them a call and quote "Astrolabe" they might give you a 15% discount. (The discount deal expired in July but worth a shot) https://astrolabesailing.com/2017/06/11/how-a-magnet-made-me-the-happiest-girl-in-the-world/
  11. Not sure on how it all works in Auckland. But I do know that finding regular crew can be difficult for all skippers. Good luck with getting out on the water and let us know if you make it to the Mainland any time!
  12. Cheers AJ! Sailors are such a friendly network of people all around the world aren't they!
  13. Hi all, We are running a Marine Medic Course in Christchurch Coastal & Offshore rolled in to three days 14-16 October at Naval Point Club in Lyttelton. This course covers so much more than your average first aid, and is essential for anyone heading on a coastal or offshore passage or out in to the bush. More info including price and how to book your spot via Coastguard on our Facebook Event here: https://www.facebook.com/events/1010762005675349/
  14. Come join in the fun on the water this summer at Naval Point Club in Lyttelton! We have a great group of trailer yachts and keelers who are always on the look out for keen crew. Experience isn't always necessary, as some boats are happy to train people who are enthusiastic,committed and want to learn. Sailing is on Wednesday nights and Saturday afternoons. Send us through a paragraph about yourself and your sailing experience along with your contact details and we can add that to our crew list website and send around to people who we know are on the lookout. Skippers will contact y
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