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  1. Good one 3 News. Blank out the name of the name of the yacht but show a close-up of the sail number on the bow. Smart.
  2. Yep, OpenCPN is truly awesome. I got full charts of the world from a cruising friend a few years ago, but there are various chart sets, and some are more accurate in some areas than others. Case in point, the world chart set that I got was waaaay out in the Ha'apai group in Tonga, but Crew.orger Kestrahl kindly furnished me with an alternative set that was more accurate in that area. So I just switched on that set for Ha'apai and then switched back to the full set elsewhere. Point being, don't rely toooo much on accuracy with OpenCPN. It's an incredible piece of software and absolutely amazing
  3. Didn't you outbid Sandy Jones for her? Perhaps he'll get himself a bargain now! If anyone is qualified to rebuild her...
  4. Get your insurance company to write off your boat and buy a new one. Hey, it worked for this guy's brand new $64,000 Ford Ranger!
  5. Results are in and the verdict is not great. App is basically a heap of 'bulk' info about boating safety, badly laid out in terms of what info is most important (e.g. link to 'About this app' in prime space at top of page above things like tides, etc), and fairly clunky to use too (e.g. too many clicks to get to required info). Tides part of the app is really the only bit I thought would be of any long-term use, and using it resulted in me taking the dog for a swim at dead on low tide. Great. One hyper dog returned home dry as a bone because I wasn't letting him wade about in three feet of
  6. At the risk of getting this debate fired up all over again... yes yachties are quite clearly at lower risk of ending up in the water than, say, kayakers, SUPpers or dinghy sailors. There's obviously less risk of falling overboard associated with a bigger boat with lifelines, etc. I mean, who puts on a lifejacket every time they step on a ferry?? But if you can't swim at all, you'd still have to be a pretty big risk taker (or just a pretty big moron) not to wear a lifejacket on the water (OK except maybe on the ferry...) because there is always a chance of ending up in it.
  7. Used to run a Variant on a 2hp temporarily while the 8hp was in for servicing - was plenty for when there's no wind/chop, and when there is... well, why aren't you sailing??!!
  8. My surveyor made the very kind (and smart) offer to provide me with a separate "survey and valuation for insurance purposes", in which he included most of the same info from the survey, but also talked about all the issues I'd put right since the original survey and gave a valuation for the insurers. He didn't have to see the boat again - I just told him what work I'd done, and he didn't charge me any extra for the report.
  9. Bump - still seeking surveyor on North Shore?
  10. Thanks G, yes teak decks are a bit of a worry... But hey, mum wants a 'project'! Aside from the boat itself, perhaps anyone can recommend a good Greenhithe/North Shore surveyor?
  11. Hi there Oh Great Fount of Boating Knowledge... My ma is looking at this boat (Nova 28 in Greenhithe) and I just wondered if anyone here knows anything about it? http://www.trademe.co.nz/browse/listing.aspx?id=649003635 I'll be going for a look-see next week but thought I'd check here first as there's usually always someone with something to say... Thanks!
  12. Affirmative action for women? Sorry, but I don't think I can get on board with that. If there are any professional female sailors out there who believe they could have performed at the same level as the guys on that boat in SF, but they were excluded from selection purely on the basis of gender, then I'll quite happily get behind that campaign. Until then.... Darwinism rules.
  13. Pretty subdued down there today. Wonder why? Parking not bad at silos. Could be a different story at weekend though.
  14. I thought you'd never ask! We'll be there but no Boat Coat stand unfortunately - just weren't quick enough off the mark for this year's show. But we have wrapped a small sample section which is on the Gurit stand - Pav 1, stand 121.
  15. No surprises there - it was always going to happen.
  16. Erm... except when they launch into those painfully long replays while the live action is going on! Even PL is getting pissed off with it.
  17. If I had a drink every time coverage of this debacle made me launch into a rant I'd be getting my stomach pumped before breakfast most days. It's an absolute joke. Extended replays while LIVE racing is going on??! Seriously??!! And don't get me started on Tasker............
  18. Oh my gawd, serious, much?! Lighten up and see the funny side. If you hadn't noticed, the article was faaaaaairly tongue-in-cheek.
  19. ...this is why. http://dangerousminds.net/comments/oh_god_christian_goofballs_lost_at_sea_for_91_days_want_to_sail
  20. I think the real key to boat attire is to sail far away enough from civilisation (and Antarctica) that no clothing is required at all.
  21. Anyone got an old/spare Air Breeze blade kicking about? Took a mate out on the boat last week and her fishing rod had a close encounter with my wind genny... Oops! Yeah I know they come as a balanced set and I should replace them all, but a full set just isn't in the budget at the moment and to be honest, any reasonably complete blade will be a more balanced match that the current 3-inches-shorter one. Happy to pay for it, of course!
  22. Shoes in any form (and that includes Crocs) have no business being on a boat.
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