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  1. For two years, regardless of the brand ( but Altex no5 is good) At least two coats on all surfaces with one / two more on all leading and trailing areas. Fair out "missing, old antifoul" either wet and dry to a gentle fair or Prime and fill with an easily sanded fairing compound. (Dont use an epoxy filler in this case). Build thickness is just that... coarse rollers will put a lot on...but there is not a lot of point if there is large "valleys and peaks". Better to put three light coats on with an even build. Use an extension handle on your roller and get into a rhythm. Thi
  2. Sorry, I should have been a bit more complete in my description. Completely home made except for the sewing. The pieces are two mirror image sides, and top cover flaps.The material is a "sunbrella" type cloth. The edges are folded and seamed and then backed up with seat belt webbing. Along the bottom is a series of eyelets. These eyelets allow short lengths of cord to attach the sides to sail slugs in the boom top groove. This works with both a slugged or loose footed main, but obviously not with a bolt roped main. (This last usually requires some kind of extra hardware to be riveted onto the
  3. Yep...stackpac and Lazy jacks. (regardless of your batten choice) Makes life so much easier. Full cars will allow you to drop the main even with the wind on...but they are very expensive.. A two piece stackpac with solid fiberglass rods that connect to your lazy jacks is great for cruising. You can let the stackpac sides drop below the boom and pull the lazy jacks forward to the mast and tie them there. I cut the pieces out for mine and supplied them and a roll of 50 mm seatbelt webbing to the local horse blanket and tarp maker to stitch it up. Fantastic and cheap end product.
  4. (now) IG.. "Coal is everywhere." quote... so ? Venereal disease is too..... dont mean its a good idea. So for the millionth time... coal is a finite resource... (that means it will run out) ...and its not a good idea to burn it...(see another post somewhere) .....and there are some newer clever ways to produce hydrogen... .. ......and for the billionth time.... yes making solar panels requires a percentage environmental cost....( just like you and me) BUT its total "cost" over its life time is far less than burning coal in a power station .. ...and
  5. The canvass and rubber "flat" fire hose makes excellent super anti chafe tubes.
  6. The TV thing first, if the signal is reasonable in the area you are in... Believe it or not but a set of $5 rabbits ears, attached to the shrouds with a plastic clamp works way better than all the omni directional units I have ever tried !! ...and no, they are not at the top of the mast...just as high as I can reach from the deck. I still use them (they do rust out ) and in my current marina I get 64 channels. When I travel , after docking I get them out and just point them in the same direction as the local roof top antennae are pointing. Press search on the TV and... usually bingo. I
  7. Yep...hydrogen is what will happen. And l agree with wheels that on a small scale it will probably be with a fuel cell. This is not far away now. It is being looked at on a very large scale also...and sadly.." the clever bastards " are pushing it here but not being blatantly up front and saying they want to use coal to make it.. Which is pointless expensive and a missed opportunity.
  8. Epever has free software for a lot of their chargers. Its a bit ugly but works fine. (just sort out your port designations) The lead is a usb to RS485 lead. Their part number is CC USB RS485 150U. The software has a user programmable section where you can set pretty much whatever you want. (but there is a set of rules as to the voltage sets) As mentioned before, look at your batteries spec sheets for the correct voltages. You can also get a unit from snektek for epever (and other chargers) It will be something like this... Constant voltage charge. Cycle use 2.4 - 2.45 volts, Stand by
  9. idlerboat

    Lithium v AGM

    Super capacitors are also an alternative. I know of a number of installations with solar charging. As a technology they are streets ahead of "chemistry" based storage. They will definitely ramp up in their usage and the price will come down a lot over the next few years. Here is a link to a commercially available stand alone power supply . https://solarbatteriesonline.com.au/product/sirius-energy-storage-capacitor-module-3-55kwh-48v/
  10. idlerboat

    Lithium v AGM

    This last picture is taken right now to my right...(with the lap top that I am typing this to you on) : ) no its not on my boat... But I just want you to understand that I am not playing...internet stuff.......that is less than a third of the bank I am currently putting in. And YES 20 years IS the design time for Commercial AGMs. Please read again about cycle parameters. I am a super practical person. I have limited finances. SO...Cost. Reliability. Longevity. Proof of product. Appropriate for circumstances . Thats what I do. / and what I always tell anyone else to do.
  11. idlerboat

    Lithium v AGM

    Im not sure what that means ? AGM s do not require any physical (apart from electrical) maintenance. They can be installed upside down quite happily. AGMs wont last 20 years on a boat ? maybee... but mine are well on the way. (second hand ex critical infrastructure batteries, now on my boat for 12 years) I guess we will have to wait for the other chemistry to get a bit older before it can make the same claims...
  12. idlerboat

    Lithium v AGM

    Not to nit pick....but I can get a 200amp AGM for $335 retail.... That changes the dollar per usable for the AGMs to $5.58....... Commercially graded AGMs have a 20 year constant use design time. "Cycles" as such, is very hard to quantify. The actual percentage of discharge before a recharge event may be anywhere from a percentage of 1% to the full 30% (assuming that your system has a system regulator that wont allow it to discharge any further.) This of course is the same for any battery system in a boat. High end and proper charging for LiFePo4 should have a temperature senso
  13. 😄😄😄😄😄😄 I guess I am now getting old. Please read your regs. RED OVER GREEN IS A SAILING MACHINE,,,,,,, yep. ... they dont make them but..... colregs state the above. (I have them on my boat). _________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ rule one... If you comply with colregs... then ..you do... !! You DO NOT HAVE TO BUY A COMMERCIAL PRODUCT. Rule two... You are an idiot if you cant be seen.... if you value insurance more than your life then get
  14. 👍 The value of what you have done is more than the out of pocket cost. Its knowing your engine better, Knowing that often the charges for these kinds or repairs are "marine" ...Knowing that often there are other ways. So often you will hear ...leave that to an expert... OK...but if you are in the middle of an ocean passage , you may not have access to said expert...Wouldn't it be better if YOU became that expert ? ....I could say more...but the experts get upset..
  15. The batteries will last longer on than off. Commercial and emergency battery back up systems sit on a charger of some sort permanently . Letting the charge drop and then running it back up is hard cycling, which has a finite number in any battery system.
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