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  1. A standard laptop with free software can convert HF weather fax signals. It works quite well and can be set to run automatically , downloading each fax as a file. But..l still have a imarsat phone. I used a txt weather service to get extra weather details. It was cheap but imarsat costs are very high. Talk costs for calls in , run at $10 minute so you need to tell people to text you only ( free or 50c) I would go iridium if l had a choice now. Starlink ( Elon Musk) will go mobile at the end of this year , and it promises to be much cheaper and faster per data amount than anyth
  2. idlerboat


    .. that would be nice...in older timber "wet bilge " boats it's almost impossible to keep lower fittings electrically isolated. It is possible to design a new boat with a limited amount of through hulls. Not so easy to retrofit an older boat. My 38 foot yacht has no seacocks . The diesel engine is unmarinised and does not use plumbed raw water cooling ( direct or heat exchanger) . I would suggest that at the least , tapered emergency bungs of the right size should be kept with any older seacocks, as they tend to break off where the threads are between the through hull and seacocks
  3. idlerboat


    So ? Are you telling me that cheap fittings have not been put on boats ? In my world, the assumption is that all bronze through hulls without a known history are suspect. It's not worth the risk. Also given that, why replace them with anything metal ?
  4. idlerboat


    You mean like ALL bronze fittings ?
  5. idlerboat


    MH I totally agree with that article. It confirms what l have said. It's not new. Changing the skin fittings to corrosion resistant ones is the best option.. But l am talking about the great many vessels that have bronze through hulls. Ask yourself what causes de zincing ? ...and apart from changing the fittings what reduces this from happening.
  6. Re mh. 1. Hmm maybe.. but hey it's the US.. so as l said.. the vessel would be going back to the US. 2. What l said.and it does. 3. Yep . Don't change what l said. So.. again. International registration effects the country of final berth. Sure you can buy a vessel OS and register in its final country of berth... But as l said....if you don't you Will have to pay dues... I don't understand why that is being complicated or suggesting otherwise....
  7. idlerboat


    Total electrical isolation is very difficult. It becomes harder as the vessel becomes older ( regardless of what material it is made of) . Complete electrical isolation of the motor to hull is also difficult even if you have polymer engine mounts and prop couplings. Bonding of metal through hull fittings of all types and uses on plastic, timber and Ferro boats will save a lot of grief ..... ( Unless you are not going to keep the boat and pass it on to someone else who will then ask me and l will tell them to replace all the pink ...bronze hull fittings..which they will then break off when
  8. idlerboat


    "Would not worry about bronze skin fittings and valves as these are not in the circuit." I would. ....and they are. Particularly on a timber vessel. They are highly prone to becoming brittle , and to be blunt...snapping clean off. They also inhance local timber "electrolysis" ..but better you do some more research.. ( off line..).
  9. Having your boat registered in a country is mandatory if you wish to travel between countries. This is not local registration or state registrations. Be very careful about some advice... Having a vessel registered in a country other than the country that you wish it to reside in can make you liable for GST/VAT/or other import duties. 10 % of the value of the vessel (the value is not up to you to decide) can be a lot more than registration. The registration papers will be required by most countries on first presenting to boarder control/customs. The paper work and initial contact is ofte
  10. Eruptn.. yep. For my home system the arays are fixed with a very basic summer/winter position. I can build trackers but can't be bothered with the extra moving parts . ( Or replacing linear actuators) Panel output .. I think l have heard as many tall stories as people's boat speed .. So for those new to the subject. Panel ratings are based on a mythical place that is in perfect clear skies , at the equator with the sun in its zenith..and no heat.. It's not cheating , it's just an industry standard You may get half of that if you are lucky. ...and then obviousl
  11. The ones I'm talking about are 1500 watts, but there are 1000 watt versios. They have a hinged swing tail that has a spring . When the wind gets past a set strength the tail swings due to a "rudder surface' this in turn rotates the turbine sideways to the wind. Normal magnetic braking and/or power dump systems are also used.
  12. Trackers are very easy to build. In essence two micro PV cells with a little shade wall between. A circuit compares the voltage between them and moves the panel till the voltage is equal . The circuit also does a " go home" operation after a pre set amount of time after no voltage. This then drives a relay to a linear actuator A no power setup using heat expansion and a "hydraulic liquid" based on the shade no shade principal has been done many times. If your arrays are on the same axis then one master controller is enough to control them all.
  13. If you want a really good one for land based generation ...see if you can find an older ( pre Chinese manufacture ) Bergy brand unit. Made in the USA. These are of a size suitable for serious home power. You will need to get it up on a tower to make it worthwhile. A guyed tilt tower is the easiest to make and maintain . You can get 30 metres in height without to much trouble with a 50 plus kg turbine on top. As for only hours of storage ? None that l know of or built !! 5 to 10 days usually...
  14. Climate change. Look at the energy efficiency of phones in comparison to small stand alone GPS units, chalk and cheese. I need to be contactable 24/7/366 and as we rely purely on renewables, with the irregularities they come with, every amp counts. Wow... maybe you need to go into a methane powered generator.........
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