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  1. Just WTF is this supposed to mean??? I really wish the media would focus more on finding out the facts and writing something worth f**king reading than just churning out nonsensical crap ad nauseum.
  2. I would imagine most boats will be going the opposite way at that time of year, but you might get lucky. Otherwise the ferry (aka Orange Chunder) sails that route every week. Takes about 18hrs and you'll most likely be sleeping on the floor surrounded by pigs and chickens, but hey, it's an experience you're after, right?
  3. Bimini Babe

    Bildge Cleaning

    Had the same issue with mine when I bought her. Big spray bottle of industrial de-greaser and plenty of water to wash it off. Also helpful if you can find a midget/child/skinny woman to apply elbow grease liberally to all areas where your own arms won't fit. Have fun!!!
  4. I've got white War on - looks very pink when applied (not that pink would have bothered me) but does go white(ish) in the water. Only issue I've had is the band above the waterline that's oxidised and gone a funny copper-green colour - more of an issue because my waterline is set to "offshore ballast" height but the boat is currently empty!
  5. For construction or just decoration?
  6. Just snapped leaving Opua.... for good perhaps??? Sorry about image quality - shitty iPhone cam.
  7. I used Ted Leeds - very helpful and affordable. Phone/fax: 09 407 9794 Email: ETL@xtra.co.nz
  8. Funny how on these types of threads, the OP gives a max budget, and then all the responses seem to go way over it! I know that's just boats, and you'll always want a bigger one than you can afford. But looking at your $5k to $10k max budget, I think I'd advise against a Tracker or even a Raven, because the price you pay for one at that sort of range will most likely be the cheapest thing about it! With a Piedy, F727, Variant... any of those smaller boats, you'll get a really good example for your $5-10k budget, and the ongoing maintenance costs will be lower.
  9. +1 for Raven 26 - extremely comfortable, roomy boats, but not great racers (or lookers) +1 for Farr 727 - pretty much the opposite of the Raven, i.e. more racy, less room. Also highly recommend the Variant (fin not bilge keeler) as a good cheap first boat. We had one before Sala and she was a wee beauty. We had 4 people, 2 sets of dive gear & 5 tanks, plus a massive chilly bin of booze away for 3 days in perfect comfort. Plus they're really seaworthy, stable little boats, perfect to learn and experiment on, unlike F727s which are a bit more tippy and twitchy. Not sure you'd
  10. Surprising to hear about the plight of ladies racing in Auckland. Our ladies racing series is still going strong up here in Opua. On a tenuously related note... I personally hate the term "ladies" racing - I don't know many "ladies" outside of their 80s. Most people of the female gender I know are women or girls. There also seems to be two opposing attitudes towards women's racing - one, that it is supposed to be a fun, non-serious way to get women of all abilities on the water; and two, that it should be just as serious / competitive as any other racing, and the idea that a club woul
  11. Just had an 'aha' moment! Saw Sean being towed in to Matauwhi that day, after we'd been anchored in the same bay as him previous night. My first comment on seeing the boat was "What a hunk of [insert unfavourable expletive here] that looks!" So it comes as no surprise that Customs would have had concerns. Whether justified or not, I can't say. But I certainly don't blame them for wanting to dig a bit deeper (given the external appearance of the vessel) to establish whether it's seaworthy or not. I can also say that the Customs guy I know in Opua is a wholly reasonably guy, and not prone to spo
  12. I have a British passport AND an address in the UK - anyone who wants to sing their boat over to me to avoid Cat 1 is quite welcome to do so.
  13. $900-$1400 to enter???!!! Perhaps someone can explain to me why these races cost so much to enter? Seems far outside the realms of possibility for folks like me.
  14. Bimini Babe

    pork chop

    Looks to me like you'll have room for about 6 more kids on there. What were you thinking??!!
  15. Bimini Babe

    pork chop

    I'm not sure an H28 is exactly bigger or better Tom. Shame, shame.
  16. Specifically written for the intended audience SJB. You didn't think it was accidental innuendo, did you?
  17. Spotted the new advertiser yet?
  18. Hey Phil, we fitted a dripless, greaseless Volvo seal in Sala when we had to cut out some of the shaft log due to electrochemical rot. The thought of putting the messy, drippy, maintenance-intensive stuffing box back in was just too much to bear! There's no water feed (you just 'burp' it when it goes back in the water), and lubricate with a dab of expensive blue Volvo grease (probably exactly the same stuff that comes in tubs for next-to-nix at Burnsco...) It's totally self-contained and pretty much zero maintenance, although I am led to believe the lifespan isn't what you would get with a
  19. Nice to hear so many good things about Sala! I do wonder actually if the photos are a bit misleading - she is relatively small inside, for a 30-footer, having been designed as a race boat before she was a cruiser. But I wanted the photos to show the layout properly, which is why I used a wide angle lens. It's one of my pet hates when looking at boat pics - trying to piece together all the close-ups of the interior to get a sense of the layout! Actually she was never in Cat 1, I kept her UK registration when I bought her, so there was no need for an inspection before leaving NZ waters. B
  20. Hee hee, thanks for the plug Phil, cheque's in the post... As far as delivery goes... yup I'd probably be keen!
  21. Couldn't agree more. When I went into buying my first boat, I also had the "definitely NOT wood" opinion, but have since completely changed my mind on the subject. Wood seems to get a bad rep for, as far as I can see, absolutely no reason at all. I think it's just one of those things that people who know next-to-nothing about boats seem to parrot, because it's an easy bit of advice to give. And it's total BS. My triple skin kauri hull requires no more maintenance than a glass hull, and in fact probably less, because I'm not worrying about osmosis treatment every few years. A good surv
  22. Just remember that if you treat you boat like a bumper-car, you're going to make it look shitty - regardless of whether it's paint or vinyl coated. The best solution is to drive with care. I still reckon you can't beat vinyl for repairs though. I'd much rather stick on a patch (which you can do on the water provided it's not on the waterline), than haul out to paint the whole hull, or spend forever trying to blend in a paint patch (been there, done that, with little success...) That's another benefit of vinyl actually - colour-matching patches is much easier than with paint. The vin
  23. Will travel to TGA (and beyond!) - no problems there. Re. Interprotect - probably unlikely, it's best to have at least an undercoat (if not topcoat) for vinyl application. The only way to tell for sure would be to test it, which we can do if you're really keen to know, will just be a week-or-so before we can, as we're away until next Wednesday.
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