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  1. Just thought Id put it out there that Im looking for unused mast extrusions one at 13mtrs(or 2 at 6.5mtrs) approx weight 5.25kgs per lineal meter and approx diamensions of 190 x120mm . Also 11.2mtrs (full lenght) approx weight 4.6kgs per lineal meter and around 170 x 125mm. Can be old but free from fittings or cut outs. If you have extrusions around these sizes please call Graeme 021767662
  2. Erice yes it could be Vitesse . Competed in many cruising and harbour races with Glendowie Yacht Club in the 70's . We regularly had 12 yachts racing in both the A and B divisions. It was a Greg Young design owned at the time by Rolly Grifith, if my memory is correct . Duncan ( cookie) would know more about it .
  3. Hahaha no Scottie, this Boom is off a large mono and I was contemplating using it as a new aft beam for the Cat . But really its a tad heavy and would be a shame to destroy a perfectly good big boat boom. Cheers
  4. Aluminium Boom complete with 2 reefing and outhaul lines . In very good condition can be veiwed on Trademe by entering listing no. Listing //:1337012248 . Inspection possible in Pakuranga Cheers Graeme 021767662
  5. Thanks very much Ballystick . Waitangi Weekend 2018 has just been set aside for our next A to T race . Hope that date change draws in many more entries for this great race.
  6. Sorry to say that the 'Superbird' won't be making the start after the skipper came off second best after a railway sleeper rolled down his shin. Unfortunately requiring surgery and wont have recovered in time. JP and I are gutted we wont be at the start line and wish all the entries a great race . Boo Hoo
  7. Hi Scottie thanks for putting together the handicaps for the multi's. I must do my best to put you right on a wrong though. Superbirds handicap should be significantly lower than Pulse and Taboo- We are only 8.8mtr and at 2.5 tons a heavy cruiser . We aren't a modified 8.5 nor a GBE . We have never beaten Pulse in any race and have never raced against Taboo but she is a lighter and has be modified from her origonal 8.5mtr length. In fairness we should be racing with taboo's handicap , just ask the Multi guys in the know- Thats all I ask. Cheers
  8. Tarkus 36' ? 1978 Barry Smith purchased from unknown designer builder.
  9. Yes well we all know that ventilation leads to cavitation ,dont we. Cheers
  10. The recentley(past 10-20 years) manipulated ''Treaty'' sucks, thank to our consecutive gutless Governments that in their total ignorance of historical evidence granted the Maori the title of being the Indigenous Race- Oh and how the fool ''Donkey'' smerked and laughed when questioned on the move, stated that its nothing and it won't matter or change anything. Well they took it straight to the United Nations, thrilled with their unbelievable good fortune, didn't they. And now we ''us Kiwi's'' are paying for the poor and weak leadership of our once close to united and fair Nation . Well th
  11. Delacruz


    TL Systems Coastal Classic 95
  12. High Velocity it is not safe to park up in the river unattended for any great length of time . At low tide I have seen fisherman and other inquisitive punters crawling over her . Just a heads up Cheers Graeme
  13. Hi I am looking for a NZ Moth mainsail that may be stored away and is looking for a new home. Please PM me or text me on 021767662 Cheers Graeme
  14. International Ultra is another good scrubbable antifoul though pricey.
  15. Go easy on the Tri's Clipper , they have their place too as safe cruiser/racers go.
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