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  1. Love the modification to the pulpit... and the bow sprit looks neat and very functional.
  2. 10.50 + 1.45 = 11.95... 12 metre berth, all good. Outstanding performance with the FR0 and Gennakers... twin tack-lines... Designer - Richard Sands. Control lines - John B and Rob C. The anchor roller is integrated into the design and offset to starboard to cater for the lead of the windlass. Super slick for keeping the anchor away from the plumb bow...
  3. Hello all, we did manage to get her going (Enigma 1), took a bit of learning and she now has a reasonable race record... looking at the discussion above re Polars... did we/you make any progress for the E1050... I have a fair bit of in-depth knowledge on how and what she can perform with her sail and rig suite but the icing on the cake would have to be the ability to refer to an accurate electronic Polar Diagram with her Wardrobe overlaid / say, concentrically displayed on a Manoeuvering Form / Circular Graph. Any insights appreciated... There is nothing like the evidence based data from
  4. Thank you; very helpful. You've clearly been through this gate. Kind regards, John B. PS: Coastal Classic?
  5. Hello all; I apologize if I am rebuilding a minefield... would anybody be able to point me in the direction of the legal framework and technical standards (the details) that require and enable me to achieve an EWOF, please? To date; I am seeing NZ Marina Operator Association information quoted. I have found this: https://www.nzmoa.com/connecting-to-electricity-1 and this; https://www.marinecert.co.nz/services/marine-ewof/ which is quite informative - but where are the Technical Standards that describe the materiel requirements and standards that achieve Compliance, and then
  6. KM, what is this stuff, and is it suitable for lifelines?
  7. Great, thanks. Hard to keep a proper and effective lookout with crew like that on deck...
  8. Yes, thanks, I/we gave it a go, but the boat was never designed for that set-up, a nicely balanced boat that can be steered by your fingertips. The tiller gives you that sense of feel and control. Where is Kick, which handstand, I’d like to come and have a look...?
  9. And, Sniper is a very good example, and yes, she was the plug.
  10. As I/we parted with the folding, I removed the old name... K8368, now Enigma1, is now operating out of Gulf Harbour. I also removed the wheel and restored her to the original cockpit layout, similar to when she was first called Expressway. The original owner was very helpful in making this happen. Some new sails, and other adjustments, and some listening and observing, has provided for an enjoyable E1050. Fantastic yachts around the cans, short or long haul circuits fully crewed or short handed, and a dream to cruise because of their hidden ‘large volume’. Very good sea keeping design
  11. Absolutey, she (Kick) looks like a great example. When are you bringing her home?
  12. Fantastic sailing awaits you, regards, John B (Enigma1 K8368).
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