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[Video]: Living Alone on a Sailboat

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I shouldn't have watched this video .... it makes it harder to go out side today in the cold and sand the underside of my bridge-deck....... however i will use it as an inspiration for events that are to come when the boat touches water again ... but it looked sooo warm there :(

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We know some cruisers who claim to never have had a telephone number.


I like that :D

I met a couple that said that if they were any more laid back they would be going backwards .......... it seems wrong that people can be so relaxed and happy , why can't they join the real world and be stressed out like the rest of us :wtf: wait a minute :eh: :shifty:

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In All of us there is a dreamer

Who wants a different life

A place where grass or sea is greener

Away from trouble and strife


we sit in our secure arm chair

Feet up drink in hand

we sigh and muse just too our selves

now wouldn't that be grand


But the comfort of that armchair

holds secure, so we don't go

we never find the greener grass

or the ending to our show



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