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The Great Crew.org Boat survey

The Great Crew.org Boat survey  

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  1. 1. How old is your boat

    • 0-5 years
    • 5-10 years
    • 10-15 years
    • 15-20Years
    • 20-25 Years
    • 25-30 Years
    • 30-35 Years
    • 35-40 Years
    • 40-45 Years
    • Over 45 Years
  2. 2. What Type of Boat is she? (you can select more than one)

    • Trailer Sailer
    • Keeler
    • Multihull
    • Sailing Dingy
    • Power Vessel <6m
    • Power Vessel >6m
    • Timber
    • GRP/Composite
    • Other
  3. 3. Is your PRIME use of your boat;

    • Racing
    • Cruising

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Posted Yesterday, 08:15 AM

island time, on 11 Mar 2015 - 4:21 PM, said:snapback.png

The racer/cruiser ratio is closer than I expected!

I had fun trying to answer that question accurately! If it was effort, thought time, and money then the answer was racing. If it was hours or nautical miles it easily would be cruising. I answered the former, but a marginal call.

What is interesting is how boats, or at least their owners, don't seem to be able to do both in the same boat so much. Much of the fleet seems to be in one corner or the other I think. Which is a pity, as a boat is such a big investment in time and money it's good to be able to do both!



Yep Ive been little suprised I havent managed to sell Pork Chop, given I have set her up for both racing and cruising. Boat is seriously competitive in B division and is a great Coastal machine, and gained the nickname The Big Red Couch when I was cruising her every summer....but only a handful of people that have looked at her have wanted to do both. I completely under estimated how many people I thought would want to race and cruise the same machine...and those that are keen, arent able to sell there bothsto take the next step up...

I was the youngest person I knew to own a boat of her size ten years ago....and I know only a couple now ten years on... which says something.


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I thought it might be interesting to know what type of boats most of you have? Please complete the survey!

I thought the other 242 were too embarrassed to admit they owned power boats?

Just sold my 40yo cruiser, got some money out of it but largely accepted that if I wanted to sell then I had to take a hit, especially having watched identical boats sit on TM for months to years and not sell with a price tag of just a couple of K more.. Saving for the next one now.  Tom/Pork Chop, I'll take it off your hands for about 1/10 of her value  :roll:


I love the old timber boats - one of the things that will determine a 'real' boat for me is the smell - plastic boats don't have it unless they're packed full of lovely heavy cabinetry.  Which is fine, cause I race on other peoples boats.


In the mean time I'm going to have to content myself with the kids wee t/s, which, incidentily, is glass over DD Kauri  :thumbup:    

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I tried to join in & contribute to stats but got confused and gave up.

My boat would probably be regarded As an aberration from norm anyway so would not be included.

Old design, but rebuilt/new.

I'm feeling somewhat, outer percentile right now.

Any others out there in this category?

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