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Seeking Monarch 17 owners manual/users guide

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I just purchased the monarch 17 & am trying to build up the mast/boom/sails - though am struggling as the wires aren't fitting as they should!


If anyone has a digital/scanned copy of the manual I would ever so greatly appreciate your kind assistance as I can't seem to find this document (only the brochure) online - many thanks in advance!

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Philippe, I think you will be lucky to find any sort of manual. However, I am sure Crew.org can sort you out! Where are you located? Perhaps a local Crew.orger could come and show you how it goes together, or, failing that, we can do it remotely with pics etc.


Monarch 17 - Some details here http://myweb.tiscali.co.uk/skipper17/index.html

Fractional rig, single spreader, no backstay.


Which part are you having problems with - Stepping the mast, connecting the shrouds, rig tensions, or other ?


We are here to help!! :-)

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There used to be a manual put out by the now defunct monarch owners association. Mine went with the boat when I sold it 15 years ago and I did not keep a copy.

I would suggest you contact Alex Bruce the technical officer for the NZ Trailer Yacht association. He is a very competitive Noelex 22 sailor and I am sure could help with general Trailer Yacht hints but also because he is Dunedin based he may have contacts from the former Monarch Owners association which was based in Dunedin.



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