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Agreed! And sometimes I wish I'd gone for the "Haul her out and do the work first" approach, rather than the "Leave her on ScottiE's mooring and hope for calm days to do the work approach. Luckily the solid parts were already pretty good, so its just lots and lots and even more lots of strings and randomly developed bits and pieces.


It seems the Auckland multi fleet is expanding at quite a fast pace, there appear to be boats changing hands every few days at present. 


Quite a few not-very-modded GBE's, maybe we could get a "Classics" division going! Anything with the original hull shape, even the mk3's.

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Just brought GBE. We will get her back into great nick. Bit of work is all it takes.  

tell me about it!   Might have to talk to John about the odd river raft race!

Putting back in the water 29th about 7.00 am then off to Panmure. Bit of stuff to do this weekend. Family very happy to have a boat again

I have 2 old rudder blades at home off my old GBE (Rental). They are not overly flash but will get you out on the water. We made new ones off the mould that I borrowed from Bill Barry. Come around and have a look to see if one of them will work. My wife will be glad to see the back yard cleared! I live in Birkenhead phone 0212222143



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Someone decided they needed the Rudder Foil off GBE on Friday more than I do. Does anyone know where there might be a Rudder I can get hold of. We are going back in the water on Sunday at 6.30am. The cord length is 250mm. My number is 0211906348


Hi BBE88,


I have a good condition rudder in Wellington if you need one.

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