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Mast base and spreaders needed - Sorted Thanks

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I collected the rig on the weekend, it's deck stepped and uses a base with a pin aft to help step the mast like a trailer sailer rig. 

Sorting through the boxes of junk I have found the broken remnants of the original base, and have taken measurements off it in the hopes of finding a replacement.

Whereabouts could I lay my hands on one of these cast aluminium beasts at short notice?

Rather not have to get something made if I can help it.

Also, going to need a pair of lower spreaders, to suit 28 degree sweep approx 1000mm long suitable for wire rigging. The spreader root is a basic slot with two through bolts.

Thanks for any help

Mast base dimensions.jpeg

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Guest Ketchup

I would send that picture, with dimensions, to all the Alloy extrusion manufacturers and see if they have a extrusion that shape or close (internal dimensions) that you can cut from a box section or similar.

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It's tiny, around 85mm round section with the main track riveted on.

It's 500mm shorter in the hoist than a standard 830 one too... so I am steeling myself for the ridiculing and name calling. Shapeshifter may well become "Stumpshifter"

I guess it's because she originally ran a ballasted centerboard and would have been too frightening with the full monty...


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Here's what I have. Looks to be for a section around 75mm ID. Could be machined down a smidgen or packed out a bit as well. So thinking a ID in the range of 70-80mm there abouts.


No that's not dust, it's very very tiny pieces of a R930. I have a whole shed full if anyone really loves jigsaws :D



And it pivots on that 10mm SS pin.


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