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Skipper wanted for Auckland to Wellington

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What's the problem. Hug the coast 200 meters from shore and anchor each night after a days sail. That's day sailing vessels are all about.  All you need is fuel and vhf and a handheld radio directional finder. Not crossing a bar so no life jackets are required and pencil flares would be sufficient.


Cook with drift wood on beach which keeps the beach clean.


The large chart for NZ and the other free road coastal highway tourist maps They are all free at tourist info centers 





Well you fill your boots sunshine.


Good luck with that.


The question was asked of the community and the community answered.


And gave a viable alternative option.


The prospect obviously doesn't appeal to anyone here for the reasons stated.


I don't know what you are going on about with your earlier post re airfares. Where are you intending to fly?


Beg, borrow or worst case hire a large car trailer. Drag it to Auckland one day and a tank or so of gas. 


Stay the night on the boat.


Drop the rig and keel the next day pop it on the trailer and off you go. 10 - 12 hours later and a couple of tanks of gas you are home again.


Did it earlier in the year from Auckland to Napier to pick up a Whiting 1/2 tonner. Piece of p@$s


Its a delivery. Why would you want to spend a couple of weeks slogging down the coast at 40-50 miles a day?


If that's want you want to do fine but this is about a request for someone to deliver the boat and requested an idea of cost. Above is the quickest way. The quickest way is usually the cheapest in the long run.   

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Hi All,   being the one who put this post up, I want to thank you all for contributing - maybe slightly less if you answer was more relevant to another topic...   I have not sailed in NZ before; m

Totally agree KM. The vessel does not have an inboard motor so probably has a transom bracket for o/motor.   USA, Great lakes a  26 footer MacGregor yacht that can do 40 mph. Won the drag trailer sa

If the object of the game was to sail a 727 down the coast for the experience then yeah, why the hell not?  Awesome boats!   But, if it's simply a delivery then shipping is the best option.

12 postings the community: What community.


The poster stated nothing about quickest and with motor sailing about 100 miles per 15 hr day and he was interested in joining the vessel also. what's wrong with that and With two on board could sail through the night also when on board.


Sorry I don't think the poster would agree or the insurance company with a large towing car trailer. It would probably have to be a custom yacht trailer design. Would need a v8 or larger gas gobbling vehicle to tow it


No person has quoted a commercial rate as yet.


We will see if he responds or to scared to.


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12 postings the community: What community. Exactly no one is interested. Question asked and answered.



It would probably have to be a custom yacht trailer design. Why? The boat will sit just fine with a couple of lengths of 4 x 2 at the back as a cradle. As I say I did it earlier in the year. Have you ever tried?


Would need a v8 or larger gas gobbling vehicle to tow it. Again why? We did it with a 6 cylinder Holden



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Same as BP. I've also done a few deliveries. incl a Raven 26 Opua to Wellington (Mana) via North Cape. That is a more robust vessel than a Farr 727...

The NZ coast, especially south of Auckland, deserves respect. Yes, you are in the range of a chopper. No, I don't want to have to use the rescue services.

Sure, given the right conditions, good equipment, a boat in top condition,and no schedule, this trip can be done in a 727. Commercial deliveries are not normally like that. 

It will be a wet, cold, bouncy trip - even in mid summer. I used to like that when I was 20 something. Now, the $ would have to make it worthwhile, and the boat and schedule as above. Does it meet those conditions?

Oh, and IMO anchoring each night and going ashore is not practicable on much of the NZ coast..

If the owner and his boat meets these conditions, and can wait until Feb, then I may be interested...

Still the best, most reliable, and probably cheapest option is a trailer, IMO.

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Here goes then. I have done more than one or two deliveries. To do that trip I would want about $5k, and that's assuming the boat was ready to go. You might find someone cheaper, but it isn't a particularly attractive delivery.

I mean commercial rate via road transport. Advocating vehicle trailer is most definitely dangerous and advocating unsafe practises on the roads and you run the risk on doing the clutch with failed brakes on a u turn narrow corner.


East coast plenty protected bays. What's attractiveness got to do with? Take a walk along the streets, Auckland.


Be interesting to learn the commercial rates via commercial operator for yachts by sea transport as deck cargo or container cargo or via road.


This has got to be the longest thread for skipper delivery posts.


Not much else to post about.



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