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Skipper wanted for Auckland to Wellington

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Hi All,   being the one who put this post up, I want to thank you all for contributing - maybe slightly less if you answer was more relevant to another topic...   I have not sailed in NZ before; m

Totally agree KM. The vessel does not have an inboard motor so probably has a transom bracket for o/motor.   USA, Great lakes a  26 footer MacGregor yacht that can do 40 mph. Won the drag trailer sa

If the object of the game was to sail a 727 down the coast for the experience then yeah, why the hell not?  Awesome boats!   But, if it's simply a delivery then shipping is the best option.

Advocating vehicle trailer is most definitely dangerous and advocating unsafe practises on the roads and you run the risk on doing the clutch with failed brakes on a u turn narrow corner. Dude what are you on? Its a 727. It weighs 1200-1300kg. Probably less and certainly not much more than most of the caravans towed all over NZ every day. Braked trailer no problem.



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Hubby - When we buy a boat we can go away for a week or 2 cruising.

Wife with zero boat knowledge - A couple of weeks? WTF!! When will we sleep?

Hubby - Just the usual, pull into a bay and anchor for the night.

Wife - No, I don't like that idea, we are not getting a boat!!!

Hubby - WTF?? why not, what's the problem?

Wife - I read on the interweb

And I thought I had better call you out on the idiot idea of "anchoring every night", in case some newbie might actually have taken that seriously. As I said it would be downright dangerous.

So no boat !!!!!!!

Hubby - But that's not true.

Wife - It's on the interweb so it is.



This thread does seem to be trying real hard to make a mountain out of a molehill.

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I wondered about that, but as above I then worried that someone might read it and take it seriously, this being a public forum.


Bit like the trailering statement..... I must have been so wrong for trailering my farr around the country for over five years, it weighed in on the weighbridge at 2800kg laden up with gear for a month long holiday. My clutch and brakes survived and I survived and so did my family.


It is a shame that those with no knowledge seem to find the need to promote their own self importance by appearing to know what they are talking about yet have not a clue. Best people like that stick to discussing the quality of rechargeable torches and other such things.....

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Black Panther, on 05 Dec 2015 - 3:03 PM, said:I wondered about that, but as above I then worried that someone might read it and take it seriously, this being a public forum.


For members.






There would not be a problem with that. The owner would certainly do due deligence would he not as it is his decision.




There are some delivery personel / sailors perfectly capable with all the necessary equipement that would be needed for such a passage and allowing the owner the opportunity do some assisted passages, if they came to a amicable mutual agreement.




Can you get rechargable torches. Never seen them or owned such a thing.




Just because a person survived a event does not mean every other person would. Other wise the road toll would not be what it is and airt ravel would be accident / mishap free.




Some people like to be judges and have never went to law school.




A site like this "crew wanted" the poster should have the opportunity to determine and evaluate all prospects but certain posters seem hell bent with nothing better to do with their time but to be seen as so called good samaritans and post for the sake of something to post.

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