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Yep. I'd expect it's doing all it can. Flow will become detached at an angle of attack too large for the speed. The issue is likely not the rudder at all - but the balance of the boat - you should not need large rudder movements at high speed.

Losing flow attachment is caused by one of the two reasons I mentioned above.


What point of sailing is this normally on? What is the attitude of the boat (Level, leeward bow down etc). I'm no multi specialist, but I suspect that the most benefit could be gained from rig setup and sails, to try to reduce the weather helm at speed ??

Boat is level when sailing. Bow up at rest.

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Is the boat properly flying a hull at that point? How much heel?  Is your mast rake too much? Or board design, position and rake? Main in too tight? If you drop the main to leeward a bit more than normal, does that help? Playing with the main will give you  an indication as to if this is a trim/balance issue. If it still does it with the main really off, then it will be hard to fix with sails...


Get one of the top cat sailors to come out with you and have a look... any volunteers here?

Thanks. Just starting to lift the hull.

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How full is the main, out haul fully out ? Cunningham on? Is the kicker tight or eased? 

Main was probably too full. Just got it recut after last sail. Sails are all from the early 80's when the boat was a race boat. Can't test it at the moment as on crutches.

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15 knots is not slow. A prod should do the trick.


Drive it like you stole it, screecher on a prod definitely increases things going bad as in stressing, breaking things. Also need an expensive furler.  Screechers also have a narrow window where you can use it. But if you want to get in before dark on the coastal classic you will want a screecher.


If you don't have a prod I assume you don't have a genaker? You definitely need a large genaker. I usually enjoy a send on a kite more than the angle of death on a screecher.

I only need to add a couple of eyebolts at the waterline to try the spin pole as a prod.

Have a broken angle so will not be able to experiment for a bit.


The drifter/reacher is 3oz dacron with a wire luff. Set from a tack line between blocks on the bows. Works from a tight reach to downwind and up to 25 knots wind on a broad reach.  I have a light air symmetrical spinnaker as well.

All sails are from the first iteration of the boat in 1985. The main, jib and genoa are the only ones that have had a lot of use.

As the drifter/reacher puts us into double digits in moderate winds i want to set it up to work properly.


We have now recut the main so should be a bit flatter.


New sails are not an option at this stage.

Wife wants new kitchen. She has been waiting patiently until i have the boat sailing, so fair enough.

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