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Taupo virgin - cruising info please

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We just bought a trailer sailer! Planning our first trip and have chosen lake Taupo.


Can anyone offer some local knowledge on ramps, anchorages, things to see, things to avoid etc etc.


Have downloaded the chart and scanned google earth, looks like plenty of anchorage options for almost all wind directions.


Thanks in advance

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Done a bit of sailing on Taupo. It's lovely, check out the Maori rock carvings on the way around to Kinloch.


It can cut up very rough very quick so keep an eye on the weather. It's cold and fresh water reacts different to salt water. It's also very deep and there is (or was) quite a bit of weed that will make an anchor unretrievable in a small boat if you're not careful. 


First trip, I'd go for Rotoiti or Tarawera, there's hot pools :-)

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I agree with Sundreamer for a madain voyage to head for the Rotorua Lakes. Yes there are many bays that look like over night locations on Taupo, but they do not always provide as much protection as you expect. Everywhere is a long way if you have move.

Great to see you have a good boat there.

Let us know if you want to head to Rotoiti.

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Done - You had me at hot pools.


Tarawera was our first thought, have been there once in the power boat, great place, went to that hot water beach. I saw a you tube video of a bloke camping in a Tinnie and he walked up a track to a hot pool/creek, do you know where that is?


I'm not at all familiar with Rotoiti, but I do like the idea of a more friendly lake for the maiden voyage.


Any pointers on these lakes is much appreciated.

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Can vouch for Rotoiti. Great place to get familiar with your yacht with plenty of anchorages regardless of conditions.


Perfect place to practice reefing the mainsail and balancing the jib size to wind strength etc. It's a long narrow lake so it is never far to a bit of shelter.


I think there is a reciprocal agreement between the BOPTYS and the Waikato Yacht Squadron to use the secure parking. Could be worth asking about if you join the Waikato club

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Plenty of native bush, riparian plantings and some forestry around rotoiti. You will wake up to Tuis and bellbirds at most anchorages.


You are right in that tarawera is more isolated and has more bush surrounding it. I have sailed both and enjoy both lakes however there is a good reason why there are 60 or 70 yachts parked at Okawa bay.


Being able to spend 3 or 4 days on the lake knowing your vehicle is safe maybe part of that.

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