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I had one. Sort of a lapstrake ply version of a Noelex 22 based around the Flying Dutchman rig. Mostly built in the South Island.  IIRC there was a boatbuilder who knocked out a few (20 maybe) hulls that were then finished off by the owners the rest were home built from scratch. There was an article in Sea Spray in the 70s.


Really a big day sailer lovely to sail but needs to be sailed intelligently in a breeze (say 20+) because ballast is just enough to ensure self righting but no more. If you want a big sailing dinghy with a shelter cabin then these are OK. But; it took me ages to sell mine 20 years ago (just saying). Noelex 22 is probably a better choice overall for this type of boat. There are also other options like the E 5.9.

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