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  1. Yeh, people in glass houses etc. So the guy is making a whole 12 bucks a week?? Presumably that would just cover the cost of having it inspected.
  2. GregW

    Bruce Kirby

    LOL, I'd forgotten that one (used to work in a car wrecking yard - lots of good natured winding up between those who had GM's and Fords). Letsee...... For Old Retired Drivers; Finest Overall Racing Device; Cheap Hastily Engineered Vehicle; there was one for Pontiac too but I won't repeat that here. Lots of just Holden together references. Fun times.
  3. GregW

    Bruce Kirby

    Also known as Fix Or Repair Daily......
  4. GregW

    Bruce Kirby

    Jeez, I remember going for a blat in the first laser that ever came in to NZ. Was in the early 70s I think. I didn't think people would go for the minimalist sail controls and not being able to add any. Kiwis are hot rodders at heart, or used to be. But it seemed very flash. Every boat designer I've ever had a decent conversation with has a story or two about being dicked out of royalty payments. There are some boats builders who owe a few people for sure. Bruce also designed the Norwalk Island Sharpie range - very popular in Oz and the US but largely ignored here. https://www.n
  5. Not dissing the brand, but why would you choose that one om TM over say a Farr 1020?
  6. GregW

    Boat Names

    Yes, lets have a thread for the most boring, humourless boat names.
  7. Seems back to normal now.
  8. Excuse me while I don the rose tinted specs and chuck in a couple of cents; I sailed on a few Ravens back in the 70s. Our family had Cleo for a while. Had lots of fun on them, they're a good solid boat. Some things you might like consider especially if you're larger than average; the quarter berth access is tight, there is about 6' headroom at the foot of the companionway, taller than that and you're on a permanent stoop. They are quite wet sailing to windward in a slop (far more than my Harmonic was). I never liked the standard layout (Cleo had a dinette, that although small, worked quit
  9. +1 for Tidal. Over the last few years all the mooring contractors seem to be booked up many months ahead, so it pays to get in early.
  10. Hi all, I would like to track down the owner of this boat if poss. No particular reason other than its a design I'm interested in and I would like to have a chat to the owner about it. It was sold in Nelson about 6 years ago. May still be in the Nelson/Marlborough Sounds area. Any details please PM.
  11. A few more nesting ideas/links here https://www.christinedemerchant.com/boat-styles-take-apart.html You may have to build to get exactly what you want. Many of the simple skiff designs could be knocked out in a week or two. maybe rent a garage nearby??
  12. He tried again in 1984 in a Given 35' cat and was taken off by another competitor when its beams started failing IIRC. Damn shame, would probably have done quite well otherwise.
  13. Be interested to see an after photo of that!
  14. To answer the question raised in the vid; Ravens sure did get raced. Very active owners association through the 70s and 80s. I sailed on a few of them.
  15. Go the Suzuki. I know some people have had good runs out of Parsuns and the spin off brands, but I didn't. I have a 2.6 Waterman (its a re-stickered Parsun like a Sail, god knows how many other labels there are for them) I bought for the dinghy. It worked fine for a couple of years and then developed a carb leak that would dump a bowl full of petrol into the dinghy if you weren't quick and spin it 180 degrees if you tilted it. Took it to the official service agent to get it repaired only to be told that some of them just 'do that'. Short story is they weren't able to repair it. The covers
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