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Carbon Fibre Sphere

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ok if I wanted to build a carbon fibre sphere, say about 800mm diameter, lets say I had a mould (1/2 sphere....) how much would it cost to make each one in materials...   doesnt have to take much load, for the inside of a custom globe....


question 2 , what would be best material for the mould??? 


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200gr plain carbon work on $45 a sq metre. That should be reasonably good (safe) to work on. One layer won't have much grunt though. 


800mm sphere is 2.1 sq mts in surface area. So say 3 layers means $290 odd of cloth plus resin, which will be bugger all. 3 layers being a guess obviously.


The mold, if you want to reuse it use plain fibreglass. Maybe shape up a block of polystyrene and coat that to make the plug, lay a pile of fibreglass over that, pop it off and bingo your 1/2 sphere mold done.


No back up that dingy a moment, what a dumbarse I can be at times. Depending where you are we have 800mm spheres we make buoys from. Wax up one of those and bingo, a mold ready to go for either a one off carbon item or a glass mold for many carbon items. If that excites you let me know.

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